When calling the Web client, the following error message appears:
"Server Error in '[Applicationname]' Application: "The file or assembly DocuWare.Remoting.SSL.SSPI.64 was not found." or "Could not load file or assembly DocuWare.Remoting.SSL.SSPI "

How can I solve this error?
First, check whether the IIS AppPool of the Web Instance and the Settings instance running on 64bit or 32bit.
AppPool 32bit:

Change to the following directory: ..\DocuWare\Web\Settings\bin for setting or  C:\inetpub\wwwroot\<web-instance>\bin and check whether there are the following files:


Note: Only the above files exist - if these same files available with 64 in the name (ex. DocuWare.Remoting.SSl.SSLChannel64.dll), delete them, otherwise it will cause errors.

AppPool 64bit:

Switch to C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Web Modules and open the
Copy these files into ..\DocuWare\Web\Settings\bin for settings or  C:\inetpub\wwwroot\<web-instance>\bin for the web-instance and make sure that only the files with 64 in the name have to exist there - delete all SSPI and SSL without the 64 in the file name:

- DocuWare.Remoting.SSL.SSLChannel.64.dll
- DocuWare.Remoting.SSL.SSPI.64.dll
- DocuWare.Remoting.SSPI.64.dll
- DocuWare.Remoting.SSPIChannel.64.dll

Then open the file DocuWare.WAFServices.settings which are also found under .. \ Web \ Settings \ bin
and copy the following parameters into the <SwitchSecurityChannel>-TAG (once can be found in the middle and also at the bottom - to orientate at a previously inserted 'Type'-entry:

<System.String DictionaryEntryKey="type64">DocuWare.Remoting.SSPIChannel.SecurityClientChannelSinkProvider, DocuWare.Remoting.SSPIChannel.64 </ System.String>

Now the Web-Instance and Settings should be accessible again.
If IIS 7 is in use, is not necessarily to do an IIS reset (IISRESET.EXE). With IIS 6, this is necessary.