• forms with multiple column select list drop down

    I currently use a spreadsheet that we print into docuware for purchase order requests. To import PO's into our accounting system we need to import a dozen or so fields that are unique to each PO, but in addition we need to import a quantity, description, price, program code, and general ledger code for each line item. We rarely fill out the entire form but we have the ability for up to 44 line items on a PO. At 5 indexes per line I already have a lot of indexes in this file cabinet. The spreadsheet we have has a drop down of the program description and general ledger description and the code populates from that. The same thing with the vendor code but since we might search for a vendor we already have an index field for both the vendor code and the vendor name. I created a view in the accounting system database that has the program description and the program code. I did the same with the GL code. I used that to create a 2 column select list that I would like to use in a form that has a drop down with the description and populates the index field with the code. Short of adding 88 index fields and indexing the description and then either auto indexing or doing a lookup in a workflow to fill in the code does anybody have a suggestion as to how I could achieve this? since the codes are integers I can't put the description in the code field and then change it in a workflow. I really don't want to add another 88 index fields.