Subsequent changes at an existing file cabinet field are not possible. Therefore it is sometimes necessary to create a new field with different properties which should replace the existing field. All field informations have to be transferred. There are differemt reasons for this request such as different field lenth, different data type or different column name in database. Identical column names at different file cabinets for same named fields are for example necessary to use search option "Search multiple file cabinets" (available in professional and enterprise edition).

At first the new field is created with the needed properties. To transfer the content of the existing to the new field please use Autoindex workflow. This has the advantage to write the index information in new database column and in document header files. Only then a full restore of index information would be possible if database should be damaged. As matchcode for Autoindex you can use DWDOCID field. If the data type should differ at the new field you can define Autoindex to access file cabinet via database connection (Content) and use SQL cast commands to cast data types. Following list should help you to remember where the old field needs to be replaced if those settings are existing in your system.

1. Select Lists
2. Validations
3. Field Settings (not empty, only from Select List)
4. Restrictions in file cabinet profiles (Index filter profile)
5. Dialogues (fixed entries, field masks)
6. Linked result lists 
7. Stamps (alter Index fields)
8. Autoindex Workflows 
9. Export Workflows
10. DocuWare Import Configurations
11. DocuWare Printer Configurations
12. Connect to Outlook Configurations
13. Connect to Mail Configurations
14. E-Mail Notifications
15. Workflow Manager
16. DocuWare Forms