How can  you set up Connect to Mail with a Gmail account?

Follow the outlined steps below. Before proceeding, be sure that the Connect to Mail service is installed and running (or the Background Process Service for versions > 6.10).

Gmail Configuration:

  1. Create an Google Account to be used with Gmail
  2. Enable IMAP in Gmail settings
    1. Click the gear and select "Settings"
    2. Go to "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab and verify "Enable IMAP" is enabled
  3. Enable 2-Step Verification
    1. Click on your user icon and select "My Account"
    2. Under "Sign-in & Security", click "Signing in to Google"
    3. Under "Password & sign-in method", click "2-Step Verification" and follow the necessary prompts
  4. Create an App-Specific Password
    1. Under "Password & sign-in method" settings, click "App Passwords"
    2. From the "Select App" dropdown, select "Other (Custom name)" (You may name it anything identifiable), then click "Generate"
    3. Copy down the app password from the popup

DocuWare Configuration:

  1. Open the DocuWare Configuration and select "Connect to Mail"
  2. Click the green plus and create a new storage configuration and user assignment
  3. Click the mail server icon and verify, that the default Google Mail server is set to active
  4. Return to the main configuration page and select "Email Accounts"
  5. Click the plus sign on the top left to create a link to a Gmail Account
  6. Enter the email account to be used and enter the application-specific password obtained in step 4-3 above