How do you create a stamp with a date picker?


Please follow steps detailed in this article to create, design and configure a Date Picker Stamp:

1. To create a stamp with a date picker, access the "Configurations" page via the drop down next to the username in the web client.

2. Next, please select the "Stamps" plugin.

3. Once on the landing page, select "New Stamp" and then select a "Text Stamp."

4. On the "Designer" tab, check the username box for predefined entry located under stamp settings and then select "Add user input."

5. Enter "Date" in the field label and under field type select "Text."

6. On the "Indexing" tab, first, select the document location this stamp can be applied to. Next, define database field entries that will update once the stamp is applied.
Then, select the file cabinet where these fields are.

Use the "+" symbol to add index fields from the file cabinet you selected. Choose a date database entry for this stamp from the "Field" drop down, and then select "User" from the "Fill with" drop down. 

(Note: Please make sure you have created a "Date" database field within the file cabinet you have selected, if not please create one in the File Cabinets plugin)

7. On the "Behavior" tab, you can choose what happens after the stamp is applied to the document.

8. On the "Permissions" tab, you have the option to set a password that must be entered before applying the stamp. Then by clicking the "+" symbol you can add users to have permission to use this stamp. 

Once you have completed the following steps, go to the web client and refresh the page. You will now see your new Date Picker Stamp available for use.

KBA applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.