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Are there Nodejs wrappers for the Docuware REST API?

I dont understand .NET.

Please help.

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This lists more generic documentation about certain Platform SDK end-points and resources:

And this lists resource URLs to perform operations and links to various request/response structures for XML and JSON:

Some of those areas include curl examples, which should be fairly easy to translate into JavaScript calls. I have never seen mention of a full-on wrapper for anything Java or JavaScript-based. I assumed that was because it is relatively easy to make HTTP-based requests from those environments. Authentication is a bit tricky (due to not being very well documented), but links further down explain all that, too.

For more in-depth support, I am guessing DocuWare will tell you that you need to purchase specific Platform SDK support. That's what I was told when I asked about using the Platform Services from a non-.NET environment (we use Visual Foxpro). On that front, here are a couple links to forum posts about all that (including authentication):

The XMLHTTP object built into Windows internet API stack (we switched to that from ServerXMLHTTP) is just a wrapper on HTTP requests and responses that you should be able to mimic in node.js. All of my code is in Visual Foxpro, which probably looks ugly to the non-Foxpro eye, but it is fairly straightforward to get the gist of it.


Good luck!

Joe Kaufman

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