Publié Thu, 21 Jun 2018 11:36:05 GMT par Mihir Yelamanchili

I am searching for a solution which will work with the combination of docuware and sharepoint online. 

As I know currently docuware is supporting only for on-premises. 

I want to know any new updates got released for SharePoint online?

Using javascript is it possible to call the REST apis of docuware? Any help blogs are available to understand?

Or is there any alternate solution to use some other service to use between SharePoint online and Docuware cloud?

Publié Mon, 23 Sep 2019 13:35:44 GMT par Pedro E. Gonzalez-Santini
Hello, Mihir.  Do you have any new information about connecting to SharePoint Online? A client of ours wants to transfer documents from DW Cloud to SP Online once they have completed a workflow in DW. The idea is to have all customer documents in SP Online, where documents arrive from their CRM and various other applications. We could arrange for custom programming if that is available.   

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