• RE: DocuWare integration with Microsoft Power Apps

    Hello, Tobias. Thank you for the detailed response. We suspected the OAuth 2.0 authentication might be a problem but I hoped perhaps the user would be forced to log into the on-premise system each time a document was to be stored or once per session. Since that is not the case, I guess the dwcontrol route is appropriate. To you knowledge, is adding OAuth 2.0 to the API in the pipeline?<br> <br> We might also add a Cloud 4 DocuWare account and have the incoming documents go there and then synchronize with the local system. For search and retrieval from within Power Apps to the local system do you think URL Integration will work?<br> <br> Finally, when you indicate &quot;Also you could use Webhooks to send information from DocuWare to a webhook on the Power Platform and process it there&quot; are you referring to search and retrieval or also to storing documents?<br> <br> Regards.
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    This page explains how to build a custom connector that user the REST API. It seems the way to go.&#160;https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/connectors/custom-connectors/<br> &#160;
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    The Power Apps system is developed using the Model-driven, not the Canvas approach.&#160;
  • DocuWare integration with Microsoft Power Apps

    An existing on-premise client (a government regulatory agency) has developed various applications for internal processes using Microsoft Power Apps. They also use DocuWare as the system of record to store their documents.&#160;<br> <br> One of their Power Apps is simply used to register incoming correspondence, many still on paper, others by email and usually printed. Items are given a control number, assigned a few fields (sender, date, subject) and then distributed to the pertinent area for handling.&#160;<br> <br> From then on, each area has its own processes. Several manage cases on paper and eventually the completed files are scanned into DocuWare. Automating these processes is desired over time nd may or may not involve DocuWare Workflow Manager. It is not licensed at this site.&#160;<br> <br> The immediate objective is to be able to store incoming mail in DocuWare from the incoming correspondence system and later to be able to retrieve documents stored in DocuWare from the correspondence system and subsequent systems.<br> <br> Storing documents will require copying a document to DocuWare with metadata pulled from the item being recorded in the correspondence system.&#160;<br> <br> Regarding communications and authentication, sInce Power Apps is a Microsoft 365 Cloud application and DocuWare is on-premise, will web services need to be developed and will webhooks be available? Maybe Power Apps provides OAuth 2 as used in email authentication with Microsoft 365.<br> <br> I think URL integration will work in this case as well as the REST API.&#160;<br> <br> Any guidance and comments will be welcome.&#160;
  • RE: Count Statement within a Workflow-1540309022

    Hello. I have the same need. Does the Workflow Manager now in version 7.7 allow this without a web service?  If not, can you provide a bit more detail on how the web service would work? This is for a Cloud installation. Best regards.
  • RE: Customers getting unknown token received from SQL server error after recent windows updates.

    A couple of clients experienced this as well and with different KB updates. Deleting recent updates resolved this temporarily but in some cases the updates were automatically reinstalled and then it appears not all workstations experienced the error.  So far it is inconclusive. 
  • Full-text engine Solr 8 in DocuWare v 7.7 - can default files be removed?

    DocuWare version 7.7 replaced the Solr 4 full text engine that included Tomcat with the improved Solr 8 engine. For security, it is recommended that the default files be removed. Can this be done without affecting the DocuWare system?



    The remote web server contains default files.

    The default error page, default index page, example JSPs and/or example servlets are installed on the remote Apache Tomcat server. These files should be removed as they may help an attacker uncover information about the remote Tomcat install or host itself.

    Delete the default index page and remove the example JSP and servlets. Follow the Tomcat or OWASP instructions to replace or modify the default error page.

  • RE: Adobe Sign

    Hello, Mike. We have the same need and have discussed this with Adobe, DocuWare and third party developers. Nothing is available yet, but with the new REST and webhooks functionality in DocuWare 7.5 this may be possible. Let me know if you still have a need to see how we could collaborate. I also opened a uservoice thread that so far has no votes here: https://docuware.uservoice.com/forums/230573-miscellaneous-english/suggestions/43561569-electronic-signature-integration-with-adobe-sign
  • Webhooks to Connect DocuWare with SharePoint 365?

    DocuWare 7.5 introduced its webhooks functionality. Could this be useful to connect with SharePoint? The idea is for selected documents to be pulled into SharePoint. Any comments will be welcome.
  • RE: Restore workflow skips records with Invalid column names 'DWVERSTATUS' 'DWVERCOMMENT'

    Thank you for the comments. Best regards.