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I have a task that's assigned to a single user but we want to change that by assigning it to another user as well so it's available to both.  I created a new List of Users variable but I can't figure out how to add users to it.  I tried using the Assign Data function to assign the users individually (and making sure that I didn't check-off the Replace box) but it didn't work - it only recognizes the first user that's assigned.  I then tried adding both users to a text variable with a comma delimeter (eg. "Snoopy,Linus") and then assigning that to the List of Users variable but that didn't work either.  How is this done?
Publié Sat, 01 Aug 2020 11:23:13 GMT par Ross Lister Professional Services Engineer

Use a keyword field to gather your list, replace off as you know. Then populate your user list from there. So the variables need to be something like this:
I use the word role in the variable to indicate to me what the particular list of users are going to be assigned to be doing.

Name: Role Name Text
Type: Keyword
Length: Default

Name: Role Name
Type: User of Group, List as Variable

Typically what we do in PS is create a new filing cabinet (FC) to store the list of users or personnel. We create fields in that FC that will allow us to gather the personnel records that we need. One of those fields is DWUID which is the users login to DW. Users can have more than one entry if they perform more than one role.

So in your workflow, query for the users that you want and populate into the KW field above. Then populate the user variable with that KW field.

Hope this helps!
Ross Lister
Professional Services Engineer

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