Publié Thu, 06 Apr 2023 12:41:15 GMT par Mayra Rossi
Hi,&#160;<br> <br> there is possibility to create a Docuware forms without create a summary page with inserted data?<br> Our idea is to create a form, get user the possibility to store attachment but without create a summary page.<br> <br> It would be much easier for users to use docuware forms to show them only the information they really need.<br> The alternative, if feasible, would be to delete the first page of the document via workflow, feasible? if so how?<br> <br> thanks&#160;<br> Mayra
Publié Fri, 14 Apr 2023 12:00:29 GMT par Jan Kanters Digital Transformation Enabler
Mayra<br> <br> this is possible when using a scenario (see attached screenshot)<br> <br> use a webhook based on a 'new document' event on a given file cabinet<br> make sure you have the docid of the document as a parameter (json configuration of the webhook in docuware)<br> <br> In the scenario add Docuware module - Delete File, enter the parameters from the webhook module<br> <br> filecabinetguid &amp; docid<br> <br> and enter 1 in File position (to delete the first and only file (pdf form date) of the document)<br> <br> that's it<br> <br> please see attached files for more context<br> <br> <br> <br> &#160;
Publié Thu, 20 Apr 2023 11:27:44 GMT par Mayra Rossi
Hi,<br> <br> and without an instrument like<br> There's any other solution without using external products?<br> For security reasons our Docuware instance is internal and not reachable from the outside.<br> <br> <br> Thanks<br> Mayra
Publié Fri, 21 Apr 2023 08:01:09 GMT par Tobias Getz DocuWare GmbH Team Leader Product Management
Hi Mayra Rossi,<br> <br> there is currently no possibility inside DocuWare to delete a single file from a document. This must either be done manually by copying the document to a document tray, unclipping it and storing the attachment again.<br> <br> Or you need some application developed solely for this purpose using the DocuWare REST API.<br> <br> Regards<br> Tobias Getz<br> Team Leader Product Management<br> DocuWare GmbH

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