Publié Mon, 08 Jul 2019 09:45:05 GMT par Christophe Mathieu Ricoh Luxembourg PSF sàrl Document Solutions Specialist

We have a Store Dialog with an index configured with Predefined Entry (e.g. Date using Current Date). This value is correctly used when storing documents one by one or when selecting multiple documents using the "Store" function.
But when using "Store Automatically" function in Web Client, the Predefined Entry is not used (left blank). Is there a way to configure this function to work like the "Store" function ?

Tested in DW Cloud, I assume the behavior is the same on premise.

Publié Mon, 08 Jul 2019 09:46:05 GMT par Matthias Wieland DocuWare Europe GmbH Sr. Director Support EMEA
Dear Christophe Mathieu! It looks like the Community cannot answer your question. Thats why we have opened a Support Request with the Number SR-71183-B6R9R for you. A Software Support Specialist will contact you directly to follow up. We will update this thread with the solution as soon as we have solved the Support Request. With Best Regards, DocuWare Support Team
Publié Fri, 26 Jul 2019 11:22:30 GMT par Pascal Tham DocuWare Europe GmbH Team Leader Software Support Team ORANGE EMEA
Hello Christophe,

This is behavior by design. The predefined values will only be used, if the respective field is either "Read only" or "Not visible".
As a workaround you can create another Store Dialog with the Date field as read only and make this dialog default.

With best regards

Pascal Tham
Software Support Specialist Team RED EMEA

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