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In transaction OAG1 the option "use HTML contol" is set. This causes that documents are not displayed externally in the corresponding application but internally in the SAPGUI window. By default, the SAPGUI requests each page of a multipage TIFF document separately and loads the following pages while browsing through the document. Displaying documents like this for example means that each page has to be printed separately.

DocuWare CONNECT to SAP from Version 5.1b is able to convert a multi page TIFF document to one multipage TIFF file and send this file to the SAPGUI. Because of this conversion the single page browsing feature from the SAPGUI cannot be used anymore but the SAPGUI will display multiple pages vertically, so the user can scroll down through the pages. This also enables the user to print a multipage document with only one print job.

To enable this conversion, the following parameter has to be added into the File "DWSAPHTTPServer.exe.config" of the DocuWare SAP HTTP Content Server installation.

Before performing any changes, a backup of this file has to be created!

Valid values for „value=" are „true" or „false"
This parameter needs to be placed between lines:

After this modification the DocuWare SAP HTTP Content Server has to be restarted.

By this modification a SAP default feature is overridden! If there are any problems displaying documents afterwards, this modification has to be revoked!