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I want to know how the Intelligent Indexing Service works?

At the moment of the appearance of a new document in a basket, a query is submitted to the Intelligent Indexing Service to automatically read index data from the document.
This request checks the service to see, if a similar document is available, that has been processed in the past by the Intelligent Indexing service.

If that is not the case its first attempt is to read index values from the document. Here a set of fixed rules are applied eg: searching for special identifiers, such as "invoice number", and the subsequent number is proposed as an invoice number.
Upon confirmation of the store dialog of a document the service will then be informed, if the proposals were accepted or corrected by the user.

When correcting, always use the Point and Shoot Indexing function of the Web client (the prerequisite for this is the new Viewer) whereby the service remembers the position of the clicked value. Future use of the same document form is searched for a value at this point. Even words near the position will be remembered by the Intelligent Indexing service and in future documents it searches at the location anchor points for the correct index values.

Manually entered values, entered as corrections, are likewise considered for future, similar documents and these values are suggested, however no dynamic document content is proposed for it. In addition, in this case, no other DocuWare user can benefit from your corrections on a document of this form.