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Some PDF documents are not displayed correctly by DocuWare.

This is likely due to DynaPDF, the library that is used by DocuWare to display PDF files, not supporting the PDF format used in the affected files. A new version of DynaPDF is published regularly to add compatibility for further formats and to fix and issues that may occur while using it.

To update the DynaPDF library used by DocuWare, please follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the newer dynapdf.dll file. The most recent, still compatible versions of this file can be taken from Hotfix 6 for DocuWare 6.5 and Hotfix 8 for DocuWare 6.5.
  2. Stop the Imaging Server.
  3. Replace the dynapdf.dll file in the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Imaging Server with the one from step 1.
  4. (optional) Clear the browser cache.

Note that newer versions of the DynaPDF DLL are not compatible with DocuWare 6.1 and below! If an upgrade beyond the DynaPDF version from Hotfix 8 for DocuWare 6.5 is required, we recommend upgrading to a newer DocuWare version.