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How do you set a Multi-Column Select List to a Table Field

To set a Multi-Column Select List to a table Field you need a File Connection first.

1. Open Configurations and select the File Cabinets plugin.

2. Select the File Cabinet you are going to use the Table Field for and select edit.

3. Select the desired table field from the Database Fields tab and then select configure.

4. The file connection will display the available number of columns.You will need to add a row for each column in the select list and then select OK at the bottom right.

5. Select the Dialogs tab and then select the Store Dialog to be used with the Table Fields.

6.  For each field used in the Multi-Column select list you will do the following. Double Click the field to edit it.

7. You will select your Multi-Column select list from the available options and what column the field is associated with. Then select Show filter configuration.

8. Here you must map the remaining columns to Dialog fields used. Select OK and then save in the top right corner to save this configuration.

9. Go back to the Web Client and refresh the page. When you go to store  document's using the Store Dialog associated with the Multi Column select list for your Table Field it will be similar to the picture below.