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When trying to access the DocuWare Administration tool, you receive the following error:


However, you have verified that the Authentication service is running, and you are able to access the Administration tool from the DocuWare server.

Please complete the following to resolve this error message;

  1.  Choose the "DocuWare Authentication" method from the dropdown.
  2. In the "Address" bar, plug in the IP Address of the server where the Authentication service is installed.
  3. For the "Port" bar, plug in the port your system has configured for the Authentication service, by default this value is 9000 on most systems.

  4. Type in your DocuWare Username and Password.
  5. Login to the Administration tool, which should now succeed without error.

Note: If the error persists after taking the above steps, there may be a firewall or antivirus blocking the connection from client machines to the server.
You'll need to reach out to your organization's Network Administrator for further troubleshooting.

KBA applicable for On-premise Organizations ONLY.