• Went to Fortisdt/sysdata and

    Went to Fortisdt/sysdata and the fmconfig.txt file says V 6.12.0

  • Thanks for answering so

    Thanks for answering so quickly. DW is 6.12 and I noticed that Fortis shows 6.10 even though we upgraded to 6.12 a while ago. Inflo and Scripted mgr show they are at 6.12. I figured to post here before calling our Service Reps cause it takes them forever to get back to us.

  • Fortis To DW migration Error

    We are trying to do a Fortis to DW and when running the migration tool, we get the following error "An error occurred please contact the administrator with the following information: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation." What does this mean?

  • Fortis License to DW License Conversion

    It's been 5 days since I emailed our service rep with this question and have not heard anything back from him not even an acknowlegement that he received the email, so I am posting this question here to see if I can get an answer.

    Our DW M&S agreement is coming up in October and we are planning to convert our 20 Fortis licenses to DW then. The question is when the Fortis licenses are converted to DW, will they be converted to 20 new named licenses or will they be 20 concurrent licenses like we have now? I know that DW is now going to named licenses and eliminating the concurrent license system for new license purchases. Not sure where we would fall under this.



  • Fortis to DW Migration Error

    After initially running the Configure Docuware for Migration Tool, we are now getting this error "This Docuware System has already been Configured." when trying to run again. Our first run was just a test to see what it would do. Is there a way to unlock this to run multiple times and make changes to the configuration? Running Fortis 6.12.

  • Created a new connection as a

    Created a new connection as a different user and nothing changes. Logged onto the server as a diferent user and all functions properly.

  • I can create an Import

    I can create an Import Configuration from DW Configuration, it's when I click Import Files from DW Apps that I can't create new or edit older ones. This is happening on the DW server. If I go to another workstation, it allows me to create a new import from DW Apps.

  • Can't create new Imports

    I noticed that as of today I can't create new Import Configurations and I can edit the previous ones, but the save function is not available.  Any ideas. I've stopped and restarted Desktop Services, but did not fix the problem. I was able to create an import yesterday and it works.

  • Phil,


    Thank you for the support that way given to us. Chris was very helpful. He had us up and running very quickly.

  • Import function

    I’ve been waiting since Thursday for our DW service provider to get back to me about a problem and I’m tired of waiting so I’ll present the problem here to see if there are any suggestions.

    On Wednesday we upgraded from DW 6.10 to 6.12. All went well. After rebooting we installed the HotFix Pack. Since then the import service is not working, we have 5 documents just sitting in it. The DW desktop app in the task bar has a red X and says server error. We can still open DW with it and move around in it, but the import function is not working and that’s how we get documents into DW.

    In the Admin Console, it shows 2 Workflow engine servers, one called workflow engine 1 (which shows it is stopped) and the other workflow engine 2 (which it shows as running).

    Any suggestions? Our Energy Assistance Program is at a standstill since client info can’t get uploaded to DW for them to process.