• How to call a WS Rest

    Hello everybody,

    we are migrating from version 7.4 to 7.5 (on prem).
    We would also like to update the web services currently used by switching from soap to rest.

    How we can make a rest call? What should the url point to? yaml? json?

    All attempts made return: 405 MethodNotAllowed. I can't find any documentation on this part.

    Thanks in advance

  • String document relations doesn't work


    We have 2 string fields in same cabinet:
    first contain string corrisponding to document ID
    second contain multiple strings corrisponding to documents ID

    TXT_ID_DOC --> 8929
    RELATED_DOC --> 10202, 10747

    If I create relation with condition : RELATED_DOC contain TXT_ID_DOC doesn't work.
    How can we solve that?

  • Document relation 1 - N


    there is the possibility to show relation between multiple documents (1-N) and (N-1)?

    For example:

    Cabinet A has text field X that contain "10004,10340,10005"
    Cabinet B has text field Y that contain "10340"

    From cabinet A to B works with Contains operation.
    From cabinet B to A don't works, because there isn't possibility to use it's contained operation.

    How can we solve that?


  • How to read QR code by one click index


    how I can read content of QR code with one click index?

    At the moment it only works if document has been archived with desktop app configuration. There's a solution to read content without automatic importation? For example by using intelligent indexing?

    Thanks in advance

  • RE: QR search the entire document

    Dear support team,
    I opted for the solution you proposed (reading the QR on each page of the document even where it is not present).

    By doing this I saw that with the new version of Docuware it is possible to extract a specific line of the QR, but this is not possible if the QR does not exist on the page. Is it possible to fix this part, so that if the QR is present it will detect it?

    The workaround I use now is to extrapolate the information using a workflow, but this possibility (reading the specific lines of the QR) would be much better obviously.

  • How to login with trusted user in Docuware 7.4?

    in Docuware 7.3 was possible to login with trusted user .../DocuWare/Platform/Account/TrustedLogOn?returnUrl=/DocuWare/Platform/Home/XSL
    How to make same with Docuware 7.4?
  • Data type of global variable isnt corrispondent with origin

    after upgrade to Docuware 7.4 from 7.3, any workflows that use this configuration give this error.

    I have a global variable
    Name: Firmatari
    Type: User of group (list variable)

    When a value (user of group) is assigned to variable (without sobstitution), workflow give this error
    "Il tipo di dati della variabile globale Firmatari nell'assegnazione della decisione Firme necessarie non corrisponde alla relativa origine".

    How can I add a user to that variable?

  • QR search the entire document

    There is the possiblity to search a QR in the entire document?
    I configured an import job, but it can read QR only if it's placed in the same page as configured.

  • How to create automatic stamps on document archiving?

    There is the possibility to create automatic stamps at document archiving step?
    Without a workflow decision (without human operation)?
  • Error while role deleting


    an error occur while role deleting.
    "Error while deleting from table 'DWRoles'. Exception: The DELETE statement conflicted with the  REFERENCE constraint "dxfk_xxxxxxx". The conclict occurred in database "dwsystem", table "dbo.DWFCProfileToRole", column 'rid'. The statement has been terminated".

    No profile is linked to role. How can I solve it?