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Is a subsequent encryption or compression for file cabinets possible, for example, after upgrading from a Professional Server License to an Enterprise Server License or simply on the fly?

The encryption as well as the compression can be activated for file cabinets at any time in the DocuWare Administration. It is required to use a Enterprise Server License.

The relevant settings for the encryption of documents can be defined as follows:
DocuWare Administration - Organization x - File Cabinets - General Settings File Cabinet

There are the following encryption options:

  • No encryption: Documents remain unencrypted (standard setting);
  • Only document: Documents are encrypted, but the document headers remain unencrypted;
  • Document and Header: Both the documents and their associated headers are encrypted; This option is recommended if you want the documents to be encrypted and compressed before being stored in a storage location.

The relevant settings for the compression of documents (WinZip format) can be activated as follows:
DocuWare Administration - DocuWare System - Storage Locations


There are four options for the compression level:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • None

    If "None" is chosen, all files of a document are combined into one file, but the document itself is not compressed.

Important: These settings affect only newly stored documents! Already stored documents cannot be encrypted or compressed retrospectively. Documents that have been stored before this option was enabled can be migrated to a new file cabinet disk by a Migration Workflow. Afterwards, these documents will be also encrypted/compressed.

These options are not available for CAS storage locations.
Please note: The encrypted documents can only be decrypted by the DocuWare system through which they were created! Please perform a backup of the DWSystem database before migrating the whole DocuWare system, otherwise the documents may no longer be decrypted on a new database.