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How do I upload documents to a DocuWare Cloud Document Tray via FTP?

To upload documents to a Document Tray via FTP please follow these steps:​

  1. Open DocuWare Cloud and log in
  2. Open Configuration Site
  3. In Section "Integrations" click on "FTP"
  4. Click on "Get started"
  5. Type in credentials of the account to use for FTP upload
  6. Click on "Add folder"

  7. Type in a name for the subfolder from which the documents will be uploaded
    Notes: This folder will be created by DocuWare. The Name of the folder can not be changed once the configuration was saved.
  8. Select a Document Tray
  9. Click "Save"
  10. Click on "Copy FTP folder address"

  11. Open Windows Explorer
  12. Paste the folder path into addressbar
  13. Copy files to be uploaded into this folder
  14. The files will be imported to the Document Tray selected in step 6