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How do I configure languages for Fulltext search at a file cabinet level? 

Commencing in DocuWare 7.6, Fulltext searches can be configured in "Global" or " East Asian" language options. Please complete the following steps to achieve this;

  • For newly created file cabinets, select "Fulltext options". Here, you will be given the option to adapt Fulltext search to documents in "East Asian languages" or "All other Languages".


  • For existing file cabinets, click-on "More Options" from the General tab of the cabinet, then select "Configure fulltext search".


  • Lastly, select the "East Asian languages" or "All other languages".

    (Note: This change will only apply to newly stored documents. If you wish to apply this change to the entire file cabinet, please see KBA-36413  to reset Fulltext.)

KBA applicable for Cloud Organizations ONLY.