I recently installed the latest DW7 minor update (2019-01-18) for a customer, and I have a handful of people who are used to using the right-click context menu to paste into input fields.  I myself almost always use ctrl-c / ctrl-v so I didn't notice, but from what I hear the input field context menu was available before and has now been disabled in this version. 

This is definitely a minor thing, but I'm curious enough to ask.  All the stanadard keyboard shortcuts still work, so it's just a bit of training for some people, a matter of being used to one method and now having to use another. Believe it or not, ctrl-c / ctrl-v is a brand new concept for some of our users!

Release info: https://faq.docuware.com/en-us/knowledgebase/article/KBA-36141

Previously running: 2018-12-07 update
Currently running: 2019-01-18 update