• RE: How to match data inside keywords or table

    Has a solution been found?

  • RE: Workflow table fields data assignment

    @Matthias Wieland.
    Why doesn’t Docuware choose to share information with other users?
    Why does someone who asks a public (english) question get a private (german) answer? Good team spirit...

    Please reinforce your community and your knowledge management. It can only be beneficial for us.
    I have the same kind of problem with one of my customer, and it would be great if i can have those informations...
    Best regards. 

  • RE: OCRProviderServiceConsole pushing CPU to 99%

    Do you have any reply for this problem? One of our client has a problem with his server.
    Every month he want to upload 37000 PDF files using OCR. When running this task, the cpu and the ram are pushed up to 99% and Docuware is able to load 20-30 files/min.
    My client's server is running with 8Gb memory and he want to know if he can accelerate the files upload by increasing the server memory ? 
    Do you have any opinion about this problem? 
    Thanks in advance for your help.