• Temp tables appeared in Docuware DB

    We decided to migrate our On Prem version of Docuware to a new server and while doing so noticed a couple of new dbs within the Docuware db list. Both are named dwsystem_Temp_(misc number/letter). We don't have problems with Docuware On Prem so this was noticed when we decided to change servers.

    What are these temp dbs and can they be removed?


  • RE: Hotfix Downloads

    I've attached a pdf of what I am seeing. A support ticket was turned in so I expect to hear from them soon. Thanks
  • RE: Hotfix Downloads

    I understand that post and links are available. My problem is when I click on the link to download I am redirected to the Partner Portal to sign in. I am not a Partner, I am a customer. Even our Docuware Partner has a hard time getting the hotfix downloaded at times.

    I do not want to have to rely on calling them every time I need to do a hotfix. 
  • Hotfix Downloads

    Can anyone tell me where I can download the hotfixes. When I finally get to the link to download the hotfix, i am redirected to the Partner Portal login page. Please help!!
  • I am experiencing the same

    I am experiencing the same issue. If I try to add or take something out, it takes forever for it to respond to the change. On top of that, it takes forever for the form to load when you select the link.

    Anyone have any answers to this?

  • When will "Store Automatically" be fixed????

    Do we know when this feature will be back up and running?

    It is extensively used by our company and has been broken since the Version 7 Cloud upgrade.

    The bug number is 239965 by the way.

  • Free SQL not allowed in Indexing Assistant

    Here we go again with things arbitrarily being taken out of Docuware!!!

    Just got upgraded to Cloud Version 7 this past weekend and just found out I can't use Free SQL to filter results in Select Lists. WHAT THE HAY PEOPLE!!

    Sooooo, since I can't do this anymore for whatever reason....how am I supposed to accomplish this now?

    An example is this: I have a cabinet that contains a master list of employees in the company containing names, positions, etc. If I want a dynamic select list that lists only the project managers of the company, I simply filtered the results in the select list using Free SQL.

    How do I accomplish this now?



    Additionally, why do I get redirected to start.docuware.com right after I hit SAVE when saving a forum question? Can't we get the redirect sent back to the forum page? Just saying!

  • Thank you Phil! I've never

    Thank you Phil! I've never noticed that button in the settings. Works great now!

    I don't use my surface a whole lot as it's my backup laptop, but I've been trying to figure this out for a while now.

    For those who have never norticed it see the screen shot below.



  • Checkbox Select in Trays and Searches

    I have an interesting problem with checkboxes in the browser on our Microsoft Surface Laptops. As fas as I know this only happens on our Surfaces.

    See screen snapshot......

    In the trays and search results you have to check each box to select multiple documents rather than multi-select with the Control button and dragging the mouse across what you want to select. The first thing I thought was this is the Windows 10 feature that needs to be turned off in the folders options. I checked those setting and made sure the checkbox selection was disabled. Opened window explorer and sure enough it is disabled. But....i still have to select using checkboxes in Docuware.

    I find this very irritating considering the majority of what I do needs qucik selection of many documents. Clicking on every single doc gets old real fast.

    Anyone else have this issue and have a solution?



  • Multiple Indexing stops half way through

    We have a hybrid system where we use the Cloud System for current and active documents and an On Prem for cold storage. Periodically I go in and reindex certain document to mark them as ready for cold storage. Not anything special, we reindex a lot of things.

    The problem is if I select 3000 documents to reindex, it will work its way through approximately half of the documents and then stop with an error like "1489 out of 3000 cannot be indexed". I will restart the reindex with approximately 1500 this time and it will stop at approximately 750. I get another message 750 out of 1500 cannot be indexed. This halving of the reindexing will continue to the very end. 

    Has anyone else had this problem? I can't simply start an big reindex, I have to babysit it for quite a while as it takes a while for the cloud system to reindex a lot of documents. On-Prem will blast through 3000 documents in about 20 seconds. Cloud system will take about 30 minutes to an hour.