• RE: Local Data Connector Stops working b/c there's an Update.

    Hi there, pretty much same issue here. With most of our customers being hooked up with Docuware Cloud, we likewise do not proactively monitor their local (server) setup serving the Desktop Apps functionalities. Accordingly we usually only get to know when LDC stops working whenever some Autoindex and/or Workflow synced data does not reflect in customers' Docuware. And like in Daryl's case, particular LDC outages always seem to coincides with pending (intermediate) Desktop App updates.<br> <br> While running silent update as suggested by Craig could be a way to go in case of a major 7.x update (requiring to get the particular installer preped on the respective system), this would be pretty much of an overkill in case of some pending minor 7.x.x.xxxxx update.<br> <br> Until the issue has been taken care by Docuware, since LDC does provide logging details (in %ProgramData%\DocuWare\Logs) we are currently contemplating some sort of proactive monitoring of respective logs and related entries in the servers' eventlogs, hopefully putting us in a position to react ahead of any customer troubles/complaints.<br> <br> For the time being, any other suggestions how this matter could be addressed with the least possible effort for us as and disruption of customer?
  • RE: Zugriff auf Freigegebene Postfächer in Connect To Mail


    Nicht sicher,ob sich zwischenzeitlich etwas in dieser Sache bewegt hat, zumindest habe ich in der aktuellen 7.5er Version keine offensichliche Möglichkeit dazu gefunden.

    Stehe aber an genau derselbe Stelle wie schon Frank vor einem Jahr ... "Somit muß ich Freigegebene Postfächer zurückverwandeln, dem Benutzer ein festes Passwort vergeben und eine Exchange-CAL dafür verbraten."

    Wenn immer noch nicht direkt in DW, gibt es ggfs. eine andere Möglichkeit/Workaround ein freigegebes Postfach anzubinden?