• New Workflow User License

    Have any details about the new Workflow User license been released? What are the limits or restrictions of this license? What can the user NOT do when accessing a task?
  • RE: Digital signatures

    Thanks Gilles. Did you integrate using the DW API, or is there an easier way?

    Thanks again,

  • RE: Digital signatures


    How would a locally stored certificate work with access 
    from almost anywhere to a DW Cloud system?

    Does everyone need a certificate on each PC?

    Phone or tablet access?
  • Digital signatures

    Does anyone have any experience with or suggestions on how to do (or if it's possible) Digital Signatures within a DocuWare workflow on a DW Cloud system?
  • Attaching the document in a Workflow email task

    An email task in a workflow (DW Cloud v7) is configured to attach the document. This task is near the end of the workflow and used as a notification. The document that is attached, when opened in the resulting email, appears to be the original version stored in that none of the stamps and info applied during the workflow are visible. Is there a setting that will change this behaviour so that the document attached will be 'with annotations'. I did not see any mention of this in the 'What's new in 7.1' documentation.
  • RE: Only text displayed when logging into web client

    Thanks you Josef for the input. Looking into this further we found that it was all users using the ..\platform\webclient URL, despite the fact that the ...\platformRO\webclient was working as it should. Tech support is taking a look now.

    Thanks again,
  • Only text displayed when logging into web client

    Does anyone know which setting needs changed to correct the login issue shown by this screen shot. It affects only one PC but in both IE11 and Chrome. New 7.1 on premises installation.

  • URL Integration in Outlook 365

    Is it still possible to use a URL in an Outlook folder in Office 365? There is a way to access properties of a folder but no homepage tab as before, so I'm guessing the answer is no (and I tried it and it does not work).

    Anyone know of a workaround?


  • Deleting a File Cabinet with dependencies

    When trying to delete an old unused file cabinet I am presented with a pop-up - Dependencies - This element cannot be deleted because it is still used by some other setting. Message, used by <File Cabinet Name> Process.

    I can find no Workflow, Request, AutoIndex, Import, Printer or Transfer jobs using this file cabinet.

    Is there a table in the DB that lists dependencies for a File Cabinet?


    Upon further investigation there is an Audit Report for this FC. You can empty the Audit but not delete it. Could that be the dependency? If so how do I delete the cabinet?

  • "Last Run" status in triggered AutoIndex jobs

    In a v7 cloud system I have several AI jobs configured for New Document and Changed Document triggers. When looking at the AutoIndex page in Configuration, these jobs have no Last Run date or Status entries. Can I assume that this type of job simply does not update these fields the way a scheduled job does, or have I just configured them in such a way that the just don't work at all?

    Clues for the clueless appreciated,