• Separator page.


    Right, but you would need the Import and Barcode & Forms modules to make that work, correct?


  • Separator Page

    Way back when there used to be a separator page that we could print and make copies of. You could then insert one of the separators at each place in a stack of pages whwere you wanted a new document to start. When scanned in using the old windows client, DW would create separate documents in the document tray and discard the separator page image. It was a great way to handle bulk scanning. Do we have anything close to that functionality now (v6.12 or v7)?


  • Oracle MySQL October 2018 Critical Patch Update (CPUOCT2018)

    A user has asked about an Oracle critical patch update that mentions MySQL Server versions,,, and and prior.

    Has anyone else had this request?  Is this a real issue? The user wants to know where to get the patch and how to install it.

    Clues for the clueless appreciated.

  • Checking for duplicates


    This sounds interesting but clarify this for me a little. First, I am using an on premises system so I think what your saying is to set up a database connection using the same file cabinet as if it was an external source, and iterate this source using the SQL statement. Then configure the match codes and use the repcement option in the status field. Have I got it? You said that the 'Process first found document' is important, why is that? Could you send me a screen shot or two of how you have yours set up?

    Many thanks, you have been very helpful. You can email me at steve.shriver@keymarkinc.com if that is more convenient.

  • Willing, maybe able


    OK I'll give it a try. So I use node JS to compile this code after modification and follow the instructions for placing the exe in the right place for a validation. Is that right? Where do I get this code?

  • Checking for Duplicates


    Thanks for the info but not being a coder I'm not sure what I'm looking at. How does this relate to checking for duplicate records in a v6.6 system exactly?

  • Duplicate Reords


    Right and I have a AIX process configured. My worry is, and we have discussed this before I think, that since I don't have an external data source I need to filter the iteration to exclude the document that has just been stored. So I check the "New" value in the status field against any invoice that is already stored and has a status field value of "NOT New". The worry being that I don't want to find this invoice since it meets the criteria, which would, I'm afraid, tag every new invoice as a duplicate. Since I don't know what's happening exactly at the DB level I'm not sure if this is a valid worry or not. But if I could check against all invoices and exclude this docID the problem is solved. Long story short, some duplicate invoices slip through due to timing issues.

    Thanks again for taking the time to look at this,

  • Duplicate Records

    Thanks Phil for the quick response. I have seen that article and Workflow Manager would absolutely be the way to go. Unfortunately we are using version 6.6 in this instance and from what I can see in the designer the ability to query an external data source was not added until a more recent version. If I'm wrong about this please let me know.

    Thanks again,

  • Checking for duplicate invoices

    To anyone who has the time to consider this;

    What would be a valid WHERE clause to use in a Free SQL Statement in an AutoIndex job that uses a file cabinet for for both the iterated File Cabinet and External data source where the match code is the Inoice Number, Vendor Name and Amount but does NOT match on DocID?

    I'm filtering the File Cabinet for any invoice status 'New' and assuming I need the SQL Statement for the filter on the External Source. I cannot use the Status field as a filter on the External side (Status NOT New) as some invoices may still have that status until they are processed.

    What I'm trying to do is catch any newly stored invoices that might be duplicates of some invoice that has already been stored, but make sure that I don't catch the one that was just stored. AI job runs every 10 seconds.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

  • Task manager lists icon does not display the number of documents

    I have two customers complaining the the Task manager lists icon does not display the number of documents until each list is opend separately. One is 6.12 (latest HotFix applied) and the other 7 (cloud). The 6.12 complaint is with the Mobile Client and the cloud customer is Using the Chrome browser. It also takes a while for the list to populate once opened. I have used my browser and mobile app to log into the smae systems and do not see this problem.

    Can anyone say if there is a know issue with Lists refreshing in theses versions?