• DocuWare URL Redirection.

    Good morning.

    We need to redirect a source url to a destination url in Docuware. The source URL is: dwtest.progreser.com.co and the destination URL is https://dwtest.progreser.com.co/DocuWare/Platform/WebClient/ClientAccount/Login. The idea is that if users type the URL dwtest.progreser.com.co they will be directed to the DocuWare URL, which is https://dwtest.progreser.com.co/DocuWare/Platform/WebClient/ClientAccount/Login.

      What is the best alternative recommended by you to do this redirection without affecting the operation of DocuWare?
  • How can I configure a security certificate for DocuWare to be an SSL secure port?

    How can I configure a security certificate for DocuWare to be an SSL secure port? From HTTP to HTTPS?
  • Delay in viewing uploaded documents.

    When uploading a document to DocuWare, it is taking 4 minutes to appear. It takes time to appear due to folder structure and dialogs. It only happens when the document is uploaded with a custom profile that depends on a SQL statement. Is there anything I can do from DocuWare so that the display doesn't get delayed?
  • Check licenses and occupied capacity in DW.

    Where can I see how many DocuWare user licenses I have in total, used and unused? I also want to know where do you see the storage capacity occupied by docuware? System weight and customer documents?.
  • Cannot enable version management on an file cabinet

    I appreciate your help, I cannot find the option to disable the replication of an archive to be able to check in version management, it shows an error. I attach the error.
  • Support scope

    Hi there,

    Can you tell me where I can find a docuware document specifying the scope of your technical support?

    A version upgrade is a common technical support or is it something different from a support?

    I appreciate your guidance.
  • Consultation on licensing and upgrade

    Good Morning,

    I would like to ask you how licensing works for test / development environments?
    The above for both on-premise and Cloud.

    Additionally I ask you:
    Where can I find the manuals to upgrade from version 6.12 to version 7? What does doing it mean in terms of components and functions?

    I appreciate your collaboration.
  • Consulta sobre licenciamiento y upgrade

    Buenos días,

    Quisiera preguntarles cómo funciona el licenciamiento para los ambientes de pruebas/desarrollo?.
    Lo anterior tanto para on-premise como para Cloud.

    Adicionalmente pregunto a ustedes:
    ¿Dónde encuentro los manuales para hacer un upgrade de versión 6.12 a versión 7? ¿Qué implica hacerlo en cuanto a componentes y funciones?

    Agradezco su colaboración.
  • Licensed upgrade question

    Good afternoon,
    I kindly ask you if it is possible to upgrade the docuware version from version 6.12 to version 7 under a license number acquired for version 6.12 (renewal). I appreciate your guidance with this question based on your experiences.
    Thank you.