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    Create a "File Cabinet Event" Auto-Index and choose the file-cabinet A as trigger, now set your conditions to activate the process.
    In the "Match Data" section, you should pick the option "file cabinet database" and select file-cabinet B. Select the appropriate matching field(s). 
    The "Assign Data" can remain empty, as you do not want to change any entries within your file-cabinet A.
    Please note, that "File Cabinet Event" Auto-Index do not create a log output (Last Run column - in the Autoindex overview) where you could check the execution.
    Therefore, you could update a status field in file-cabinet A, to show that the update was executed. (Exception for Assign Data)
    Now in the "Write Back" section select the fields, which you would like to update / change in file-cabinet B. 
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    KBA-36518 - How to flag duplicate documents already stored in the file cabinet
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