• DW in a MS Terminal Services

    We have DW installed on a couple of our MS Terminal Servers and since not all of the users use DW, we are wondering if there is a way to prevent Desktop services from running when a non-DW user logs on. Since this crisis, we've had to move additional staff to Terminal service and are trying to conserve server resources.

    Thanks in Advanced, 
  • Upgrade Problem

    We were upgrading from 6.12 to 7.0 on our production server. The upgrade simulation went through with flying colors. When continuing with the install we got the 3 errors shown on the 1st. page of the attachment. Continued on and all seemed good. However when trying to open Workflow or Configuration we got the error shown on the 2nd page of the attachment. And when trying to open DW through the web apps in the Task Bar we got the error shown on page 3. Now going to DW through IE by entering the web address opened DW it seemed to work fine. It seems that anything related to Desktop Apps refuses to work.

    We did backup the DB and since the DW server is a virtual, we also backed that up so we were able to restore everything back to its original working condition. Just wanted to see if anyone else has run into a situation like this before we try it again.

  • Upgrading to 7.2

    We are upgrading form 6.12 to 7.2. On our test server, we upgraded from 6.12 to 7.0 then to 7.1. When upgrading to 7.2, the simulation gives us the error in the attached doc.

    Any suggestions as to what might be causing the problem?

  • Can't access DW 7 Patch

    Why when I try to download the latest Patch for DW7, do I get sent to the Partners page and can't have access to the DW7 Patch?
  • RE: Print from Document Tray


    Our Service Rep called and advised us to follow your recommendations.

    I was one of those that could not print from a Doc Tray. As suggested, I removed then reinstalled Adobe Reader. Printing from the Doc Tray was reestablished (for a while). I then installed DW on a laptop and could not print from a Doc Tray. I uninstalled Adobe Reader then reinstalled it but still could not print. I then uninstalled Reader, rebooted the laptop, then reinstalled Reader. Still could not print. I even used Adobe’s cleaner and still have the problem. Went back to my workstation and test printing again and could not print from a Doc Tray once again. Uninstalled and reinstalled Reader but still can’t print. The only way that I could print was to go into IE add-ons and disable The Adobe Reader add-on. The only thing is that when the document comes up, it is blacked out but the print screen comes up and I am able to print the document. Once the document is printed, and the print box closes the document appears as normal. I have discovered that if Adobe reader is enabled and I try to print from the Doc Tray, I get the blank page as before, but if I then refresh the screen, the page loads normally.

    Checked with another staff having the same problem, and after removing and reinstalling Adobe Reader, no change, but the refresh corrects the problem.

  • Print from Document Tray

    Put in a Service Ticket with our provider on this, but thought while waiting for them to get back to us, which can take a few days, I figured I'd present this here.  When printing from a document tray, Internet Explorer opens a new tab  but the document does not display, it only shows a blank page. It works in Chrome. Also, I can send as an email and download the doc and select open and all works. Did a quick search and could not find anything on this. No new updates were applied to the workstation (this happens with all workstations) or the server. I applied new windows updates to my workstation and there was no improvement. We are at version 6.12.
  • RE: Question on Fortis to DW 7

    Got the hotfix. Thanks for your help.
  • Question on Fortis to DW 7

    We are running both Fortis 6.12 and DW 6.12. We are planning to upgrade to DW 7. The problem is that some of our accounting Invoices are still in Fortis and can't be transferred to DW as of now. I recall that there was a Fortis 6.12 to DW 7 update to allow migrating Fortis 6.12 to DW 7. I'm wondering if this is still available and if it is, where can I obtain it.
  • RE: How do I access DW7 Updates and create a new license file

    Thanks for your help Phil. I got what I needed.
  • How do I access DW7 Updates and create a new license file

    Since the Forum redesign, how do I access the section to create a new license file. Also when I try to download DW7 I'm sent to the Partner page, so how do I download the updates?