• Joe, a really easy way that I

    Hameed, a really easy way that I have found is to use the URL Integrator Tool. I just select download from the option list instead of viewer and put in my sql query for what documents I want.

  • Not sure how this can be done

    Not sure how this can be done being the the right, May be empty, is at the cabinet profile level and not at the dialog field level. The only way to accomplish this is to give field rights at the dialog level which you can't do. This is the exact reason I don't create cabinets with a bunch of fields and then just create dialogs. You can run into issues like this. I know that is how a lot of people do it. Pro/Cons for both. 

    the good thing is that there are a ton of people smarter than I am. So, there is a good chance someone has thought of a workaround. We will see..

  • it is probably a prerequisite

    it is probably a prerequisite. Go to the server and go to the desktop apps prereq folder and copy the install files to that PC. then install manually under and admin login.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Web\ClientSetupData\Prerequisites

    This location will have the dotNET and C# installs needed for desktop apps.

  • Is there another window that

    Is there another window that reads the same as your configuration? 

  • another question came up as

    another question came up as well.. If the pdf that is imported is say 50 pages. Even if it is only reading off the first page, does it take more than 1 quota away? What if it reads data on page 1 and on page 40?

  • I thought I remembered that

    I thought I remembered that as well, but I can't find any documentation on this. it seems as though it is using quota as Phil stated. We have had to add 1000 credits to their account over the last month but I am thinking it is because the moving of the invoices from tray to tray. Would be great if it was storing and not just when it hits the tray...It isn't like it is benefiting anyone until you store it anyways... doesn't make sense to me, Thanks,

  • Intelligent Indexing Quotas

    My question is, when does it take away from your intelligent indexing quota? When you store the document? When the document hits the document tray? I am asking because I have a client that has 3 AP clerks. They each have separate trays that invoices get imported into. Sometimes, they need to move invoices from their tray to one of the others trays. All 3 trays have the same Int Indexing store dialog. Does it count twice if it gets indexed in one tray, then they move it to the other tray that uses the same configuration?

  • I will put it a server change

    I will put it a server change request and give this a try. Thanks.

  • restarting the Background and

    restarting the Background and workflow server services fixes issue so that is the workaround for now.

  • it is weird. I can go to the

    it is weird. I can go to the documents that I know the workflows should have started for and look at WF History and it says no workflows have been started. Then after I restart the services all of the documents that should have triggered the workflow now trigger and start. I will create a service request.