• Insert multiple data records based in a doc table when a document is updated

    Hello<br> <br> I have a similar question like this one here&#160;<a href="https://support.docuware.com/en-US/forums/questions-about-usage-and-configuration/9d2c7857-8f41-e911-a967-000d3ab3fe8a#new">Insert data record to another cabinet when document stored-1517326713&#160;· DocuWare Support Portal</a><br> But in my case, I need to create multiple data records in another file cabinet when a document is updated.<br> i.e.&#160;If the document that got updated in file cabinet A have a table that contains 2 rows, I need to create 2 data records in file cabinet B.<br> <br> A few solutions come to my mind like:<br> -&#160;using a webhook attached to file cabinet A that trigger a cloud process to create the data records in file cabinet B<br> - workflow(not sure)<br> - auto index(not sure since I'm working with a table)<br> <br> Another point of my concern is the 1280 documents that I will need to probably create a script using the SDk to do the initial loading(those documents in file cabinet A will not change anymore). I think this is the only way to do the initial load(via SDK).<br> <br> Please feel free to contribute.<br> <br> Thanks<br> Tiago
  • Docuware Cloud Service | RTO/RPO

    <p>Hello</p> <p></p> <p>I couldn't find in the "White Paper DocuWare Cloud" and "White Paper System Archtecture" information about RTO/RPO indicators.</p> <p>Need to send that info to prospect.</p> <p>Where we can find Docuware Cloud service RTO/RPO indicators?</p> <p></p> <p>Thanks</p> <p>Tiago</p> <grammarly-desktop-integration data-grammarly-shadow-root="true"></grammarly-desktop-integration>
  • Docuware Cloud | Duplicate document comparison by fulltext content instead of index entries


    We have a project for an existent customer that maybe we will need to check for duplicated documents by comparing the document content instead of the index entries.
    Is it possible to do that for a Docuware Cloud customer?

    How can we achieve that?

  • RE: Data Security questions

    Thanks Christopher

  • RE: Data Security questions

    Thanks Simon and Craig.<br> &nbsp; <grammarly-desktop-integration data-grammarly-shadow-root="true"></grammarly-desktop-integration>
  • Data Security questions


    A prospect is asking if Docuware provides:
    1. Copies of recent penetration test reports
    2. Lock access down to corporate IP addresses
    3. Single-Sign-On support
    4. Multi-factor authentication supported
    Does anyone know the answers?

  • RE: No active users found in activity with definitionId

    Hi Fabian and Martin

    I just tested with the role variable and that will work.
    But I'll need to do some adjustments on the user management configuration, since the users are not linked to roles, but are linked to groups. It would be nice if we have a workflow variable of type group in the future.

    Thanks for your help and also thanks for Danilo Peres from Docuware support.

  • RE: No active users found in activity with definitionId

    Hi Fabian,

    I have a workflow variable called "Approver1". The type of my workflow variable is "user of a group".
    The value that I'm trying to assign to "Approver1" is the result of the following query:
    "SELECT Approver1 FROM Approval Matrix WHERE DW_DEPOT = GV_Depot and DW_DOCUMENT_TYPE = GV_DocumentType"
    The result of this query will return as "Approver1" the name of a user group. That user group will match against one of the"(Docuware > Configurations > User Management > Groups)"

    I also tested the workflow variable "Approver1" with the flag "list variables" checked. But I got the same issue.
    So the problem is actually when I try to assign a value to the workflow variable but in fact it is assigning nothing. Then the "Assign To" task shows that issue.

    I provided an copy of my workflow and file cabinet configuration to Danilo Perez from Docuware support.
    His team was going to test if that scenario that I want to achieve is possible or not.

    Link for reference related workflow variable of type "User of a Group"

  • No active users found in activity with definitionId


    I'm getting this message for the workflow activity "Assign to".

    The assign to activity should assign to an user group that was previously assigned to an workflow variable of type "user of a group"

  • RE: Setting Document Name view REST api


    I got the same issue here "Unnamed document with ID..." but in my case I'm just creating an data record via API. I'm not uploading any document.
    Unfortunately, I can't change the order of my code to send the document first.

    What am I missing?

    Thanks for any help