• RE: Connect to SharePoint

    For anyone interested support did get back to me stating that Connect to SharePoint works in DocuWare on-premise 7.3. There is no new documentation available beyond the links above. SharePoint versions supported are 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 (no support for SharePoint 2019, Online or Office365).

  • Connect to SharePoint

    Hello! I'm looking for current details on the Connect to SharePoint module.

    I've found these 2 sites https://start.docuware.com/connect-to-sharepoint and https://dw-help.azurefd.net/#/home/61227/2/2 that contain marketing information.

    I've also found this https://dw-help.azurefd.net/#/home/60332/2/2 which goes into more detail but doesn't appear to have been updated in the last several years (still using 6.x screenshots and even what appears to be Window XP screenshots!).

    Is this documentation still valid for v7.3? What are the latest system requirements and supported SharePoint versions?


  • RE: Limitation to the number of merge forms?

    I was able to create and test a form with over 20 merge forms on it, so it appears to work for what I was looking to do!
  • Limitation to the number of merge forms?

    I'm wondering if there's a limitation to the number of merge forms that a single DocuWare Form can fill out? Looking at a project that would have 20+ distinct PDF's needed to be filled out from a single Form.

    Thanks in advance!
  • RE: DocuWare 7 System Requirements

    I agree with this! Please add it in.

    It's confusing to not have 7.0 and 7.1 system requirements in the KB.
  • Version 7 System Requirements **suggestion**

    I did finally find the Version 7 requirements link in Phil's forum post here, but might I also suggest that a copy of them be added to the knowledge center (where they've always been kept for the past 10 years...).  It may save folks some time when attempting to find them.

  • Mobile app - workflow model error

    In a 6.12 system (fully patched), when connecting via the mobile app an error constantly pops up in the UI saying "Workflow model could not be created".  Screenshot below.

    I've tested both iOS and Android app versions and both exhibit the same behavior. Moving between sections of the app (say Dashboard to Searches) causes the error to constantly pop up and the user to have to hit "OK" over and over and over. Documents can be successfully searched for and viewed, but no lists or workflow tasks can be viewed.

    I've complete removed the user profile in the app and reconnected to the DocuWare server, but the error still persists. Since it is happening on multiple different mobile devices I'm guessing the issue is server side. I'm unsure of how to troubleshoot this error. I thought I could turn on and off the mobile view of certain dialogs trying to find one that was maybe causing the issue, but I think that setting is now gone.

    Thanks for any help!


  • Thanks!

    The version restriction for syncing is a big gotcha and not often discussed in talking through enabling a hybrid environment. I kind of feel like some of the website's marketing language about the hybrid model should at least be asterisked to indicate it's not available for versioned file cabinets. Having phrases like "information seamlessly move back and forth" and "DocuWare in any deployment model enjoys complete flexibility" imply, to me at least, there are no major restrictions in that hybrid model. I would imagine a fair amount of cabinets in production do have versioning enabled and thus won't be eligible for synchronization.

    Even reading through the Synchronization section of the 6.12 System Architecture whitepaper there's no indication that it's not available for versioned file cabinets. (And it too seems a bit misleading using phrases like "You can use full DocuWare functionality" within that synchronization section)

    I'm preaching to the choir I know, but I figured I'd provide some feedback about it.


  • Versioned cabinets with sync... best practice?

    I understand the limitation with sync and versioned file cabinets, but I'm attempting now to design a scenario that accounts for a local file cabinet that is version enabled. Essentially a on-premise system that needs to move documents to the cloud via synchronization. Versioning of the on-premise system is a requirement and now so is synchronization.

    What would be the best practice to get documents from that local versioned cabinet to the cloud? Go from the local versioned cabinet, run an export workflow to a second local non-versioned cabinet and then sync the cloud cabinet with that local non-versioned cabinet? How would the export workflow know what documents it has transferred and what it hasn't between sessions? Would the export workflow only copy the last version out of the versioned cabinet?


  • Web configuration was the key!

    I didn't even realize there was a synchronization option in web admin!

    Setting up a sync workflow in it worked without a hitch. It logged into cloud just fine and showed me the cabinets. It's got quite a few more options too. It also has the added benefit of only showing the cabinets that comply with that "no versioning enabled" rule (the desktop app shows all cabinets).

    My local system is running 6.12 with all hotfixes applied so maybe there's an issue with the sync workflow in the Desktop admin app.