Veröffentlicht Fri, 29 Sep 2023 20:20:12 GMT von Steve Shriver Application Specialist
<p>&lt;span style=&quot;font-size:11pt;&quot;&gt;&lt;span style=&quot;font-family:Calibri,sans-serif;&quot;&gt;&lt;span style=&quot;font-family:&amp;quot;Aptos&amp;quot;,sans-serif;&quot;&gt;&lt;span style=&quot;color:black;&quot;&gt;I'm going forward with the User Sync: &lt;a href=&quot;;amp;;amp;sdata=ag4irSEIAnAeNblc/oHp1ypi7vkBQhhVMlW%2BSzPHLRE%3D&amp;amp;reserved=0&quot; style=&quot;color:blue;text-decoration:underline;&quot;&gt;;/a&gt;. One thing it doesn't mention or maybe I missed it, what is the behavior if a user is removed from Azure AD?&amp;#160; Is the account deactivated, deleted, or is that out of the scope of the sync?&amp;#160;&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/span&gt;&lt;br&gt; &lt;br&gt;</p> <p><span style="font-size:11pt;"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif;">In V1 synchronizations we were mapping Active Directory groups to DocuWare groups. There was an option ‘Delete not found users’ which would simply delete any user from DocuWare that did not have an match in AD. I assumed there would be a similar option in Version 2.</span></span></p> <p></p> <p>Many thanks,</p>
Veröffentlicht Sat, 07 Oct 2023 00:00:34 GMT von Matthias Wieland Senior Director Support EMEA
Dear Steve Shriver! It looks like the Community cannot answer your question. That's why we have opened a Support Request with the Number SR-213048-V8Q8C for you. A Software Support Specialist will contact you directly to follow up. We will update this thread with the solution as soon as we have resolved the Support Request. With best regards, DocuWare Support Team

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