• RE: Moving a system

    Thank you for that info Josef. But, my situation is a little different. The old machine suffered a hard drive crash, so the DW system cannot run. All I have of the old machine is a backup of the database.

    I installed only the front end services on the new machine which includes the auth server. I was planning on restoring the old database then running the installer for the back end and hoping that the new installer would have the same replace options as the version 6 one did. Not sure if it will work but I may give it a try.

    Thanks again,

  • Index Cleaner and standard select list

    A customer has used the Index Cleaner to combine similar names into one preferred name (V6.10). The cleanup of the actual index values was successful but it appears that the standard select list was not updated (different table?).

    Is there a way to force the update of the select list?

  • Moving a system

    I have to move a 7.1 system from one machine to another. In the past it would be ; install database, restore from old, install auth server with replace, make adjustments, install remaining servers with replace.

    With 7.1 the install only allows for Front end, back end and full text server installation.

    What is the work-around or is there a new document?

  • Credit Card info using a DocuWare Form

    Has anyone tried collecting Credit Card info using a DocuWare Form? Is it possible to do this securely?

  • RE: New Workflow User License

    Sorry, didn't see the updated post from Gilles.

    Thanks again,
  • RE: New Workflow User License


    Thanks for that information. Can I assume that the Store/Edit permission includes adding annotations and saving the document? Meaning that the user will NOT be able to annotate and save the annotations.

  • New Workflow User License

    Have any details about the new Workflow User license been released? What are the limits or restrictions of this license? What can the user NOT do when accessing a task?
  • RE: Digital signatures

    Thanks Gilles. Did you integrate using the DW API, or is there an easier way?

    Thanks again,

  • RE: Digital signatures


    How would a locally stored certificate work with access 
    from almost anywhere to a DW Cloud system?

    Does everyone need a certificate on each PC?

    Phone or tablet access?
  • Digital signatures

    Does anyone have any experience with or suggestions on how to do (or if it's possible) Digital Signatures within a DocuWare workflow on a DW Cloud system?