• Adding entries to a keyword variable in workflow manager

    I need to get a total of all the amount fields, of all existing records in a file cabinet, in a workflow. I can read all of these fields into a keyword variable and then loop through the keyword variable adding each amount. (I am aware of the 100 record limit). However, keyword variables only record one entry if any of the other entries are the same.

    For example, 5 documents exist in the FC. Each has an amount index field. the amounts are 100 200 300 300 400. When I read these into a keyword variable using an Assign Data task, I will get a count of only 4 records and the values will be 100, 200, 300 and 400. The 300 amount will only get written once.

    Does anyone know of a way or more sophisticated approach to the problem?

    Many thanks,
  • Updating users to use SSO

    A system created many versions ago is now updated to version 7.7 and the administrator would like to now take advantage of SSO using Azure Active Directory. There are already many users, groups and roles created and assigned various permissions. There are also named license users, concurrent license users and workflow license users.<br>

    The existing user names are in a simple First Name, Last Name format. I.e., Steve Shriver

    <br> Would it be possible to configure the Synchronization tool V2 to update all of the existing user names provided that the user's email matches in Azure AD?<br> <br> Thanks,

  • Error when sending test email from SMTP configuration

    When trying to send a test email from the SMTP configuration, an error is thrown; &quot;no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it&quot;. This is undoubtedly why all of the Email activities in my workflow are faulting.<br> <br> I have another machine with SMTP configured in the same way that sends email without incident.<br> <br> Any clues appreciated.<br> <br> Thanks,
  • RE: Table as a destination in workflow Assign Data activity

    Thank you Simon and Gerado. You are correct. I need to add a new row to the existing table for each new invoice. Looks like I need to wait for version 7.8 or maybe 7.9. Unfortunately I'm too old to learn to code it myself :)

    Thanks again both,
  • RE: Table as a destination in workflow Assign Data activity

    Some further testing has shown this: If I prefill the table with one row of data, the workflow will populate the table with the data I want, overwriting the prefilled row. When a second invoice is stored it will update the table, but will again overwrite the first row. I have the filter set to 'is not empty'. If I change the filter to 'is empty' it will not write any data.

    What I would like to do is add a new row for the second and all subsequent invoices. Also, there does not seem to be anyway to prefill the table row/columns when using a form.

    Again, any ideas are appreciated,
  • RE: Table as a destination in workflow Assign Data activity

    Thanks Simon and Gerado for your comments. Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

    A Purchase Order Document is on file in the PO File cabinet. When an Invoice is added to the Invoice File Cabinet with a PO Number field that is not empty, an AutoIndex job is triggered which finds the matching PO number in the PO File Cabinet and updates the 'Last Vendor Name', 'Last Invoice Amount',' Last Invoice Number' and 'Last Invoice Store Date' field of the PO document. This triggers a workflow on that document that updates the 'Remaining Amount' field of the PO document with some simple math. There is a table field also in the PO Document with 4 columns. I want to capture the 'Last Invoice Amount', Last Invoice Number' etc. fields from the PO Document fields and update the columns in this table so I will have a history of all of the invoices added to the Invoice File Cabinet that posted against this PO document when viewing this PO. The PO document is a DocuWare Form submitted by the requesting user and at the time of submission the table field is empty.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Thanks again,
  • Table as a destination in workflow Assign Data activity

    According to what I read here ;https://docuware.uservoice.com/forums/230570-client-english/suggestions/38934235-include-the-ability-to-write-to-table-fields-autom. we should be able to load table fields automatically in a workflow using the Assign Data activity. I have tried it to no avail. The configuration looks correct and there are no errors or faults in the workflow. The table is simply not written to and the document history for this step simply says "Variable is empty"

    Ant clues appreciated
  • Backing up

    For those using v7.7 and the new internal database v3 on premises...

    What are you using to do your automatic nightly backups?

  • Intelligent Indexing 'learning'

    A customer uses the account number field on some utility vendor invoices in place of an invoice number as these invoices are not numbered. They then add today's date to the account number in the invoice number field to make the invoice number unique. They have been doing this for some time in several document trays configured for Intelligent Indexing.

    They are now complaining that Intellix is capturing the account number and adding a date to it automatically. Not today's date but some date from the past.

    Is it possible that Intellix is 'remembering' the previously manually entered data when capturing a recognized field? I would not expect that behavior, but is that part of the Intelligent Indexing process?

  • v7.5 CPU Performance

    An on premises v7.5 system is using the maximum amount of CPU available requiring a server reboot at times. Is there a performance guide document available or know ways to determine which processes are at fault?

    Any clues appreciated