• Intelligent Indexing 'learning'

    A customer uses the account number field on some utility vendor invoices in place of an invoice number as these invoices are not numbered. They then add today's date to the account number in the invoice number field to make the invoice number unique. They have been doing this for some time in several document trays configured for Intelligent Indexing.

    They are now complaining that Intellix is capturing the account number and adding a date to it automatically. Not today's date but some date from the past.

    Is it possible that Intellix is 'remembering' the previously manually entered data when capturing a recognized field? I would not expect that behavior, but is that part of the Intelligent Indexing process?

  • v7.5 CPU Performance

    An on premises v7.5 system is using the maximum amount of CPU available requiring a server reboot at times. Is there a performance guide document available or know ways to determine which processes are at fault?

    Any clues appreciated
  • RE: Auto number field in AutoIndex

    Simon, thank you for that info. Can you suggest the syntax for finding the highest number currently in the file cabinet? I tried this as a where clause; DW_Auto_Number = MAX(DW_Auto_Number) but the workflow faulted as the MAX function is not available.

    Thanks again, any clues appreciated.

  • Auto number field in AutoIndex

    A file cabinet for data records only has an Autonumber field that is updated correctly when a new record is created using the Store Dialog.

    An AutoIndex job also runs on this file cabinet with the "create new record if no match" option enabled. New records are created but the Autonumber field is left empty.

    This makes sense as the number group is specified in the store dialog. But the user requires Autonumbering for all records. 

    Does anyone have a suggestion or way around this?
  • Desktop Apps in v7.6

    I have had several problems with Connect to Outlook after upgrading my Desktop Apps from 7.5 to 7.6. Outlook crashed several times and would not resume normal function until I uninstalled the desktop. Then, after uninstalling the desktop I tried to uninstall the client setup from control panel. This brought up the desktop uninstall again, which errored out saying it could not uninstall Connect to Outlook, as it was not installed. But each time I try to uninstall the client setup it repeats this same problem.

    No I have no desktop functionality and cannot reinstall the 7.5 version.

    Are there problems generally with the 7.6 Desktop update?

    Any clues appreciated.
  • RE: On Premises Version 7.6 upgrade when previous version is using MySQL DB V2

    Thank you for that info Simon. I do have one customer that want's to upgrade his DocuWare DB due to some security concerns. In a case like this is it necessary to engage DocuWare Professional Services, or can the MySQL DB be upgraded to the latest version without problems?

    Thanks again,
  • On Premises Version 7.6 upgrade when previous version is using MySQL DB V2

    Is it necessary to upgrade the DocuWare DB to V3 before upgrading from version 7.x to version 7.6 for on premises systems currently using the V2 database?

    If so how is this done or is there a document outlining the steps required?

  • DocumentTool.exe

    Does the DocumentTool.exe Restore Program update the LAST_ID field in the dwdata.file cabinet name_idt table when restoring from document folders where the DocID of the documents is newer/higher than the last DocID that was created by storing a document in a previous version of the DB?

    Example, the database was restored to a new server and the system upgraded to a newer version of DocuWare. Due to some issues the older version was used and documents added after the DB was restored and upgraded. We have recovered all of the newer documents to the newer server by using the DocumentTool.exe program. However, the last DocID in a given file cabinet will now be higher than it was when the DB was restored.

    Will we have to update any fields in the DB, or can we assume that DocumentToll.exe did this for us?

    Many thanks,

  • Document Tool restore workflow

    Using the DocumentTool.exe to restore some files to several file cabinets on a 7.5 server, most have been successful but one file cabinet seems to be taking an inordinate amount of time. We suspect that this file cabinet is encrypted, all files in a document folder end in .crp (f0.pdf.crp, DocId.xml.crp, etc.).

    There is nothing in the documentation that indicates that this type of file cannot be restored in this way. Are there issues with encrypted file cabinets and the DocumentTool.exe?

    Clues appreciated

  • Upgrading from DocuWare 6.12 to 7.5 on Premises

    An end user wants to upgrade his v6.12 on premises system (DocuWare Business Server) to v7.5 in hopes of eliminating any security issues in his currently installed DocuWare Database (MySQL).

    Can we be assured that the upgrade will bring the MySQL DB up to current standards?

    Also the current server is Windows Server 2012 Standard, not R2 as listed in the system requirements. Does this server OS need to be updated? Can it be updated?

    Otherwise running the 7.1 installer and then the 7.5 installer would make this a relatively easy job.

    Any clues appreciated,