• Should we still schedule upgrades with tech support?

    In the past there was an option on the web site for letting tech support know that I would be doing an upgrade on a certain date so that we could get help quickly if we ran into an issue. We needed two weeks advance notice as I remember.

    Is that still an option? I don't seem to be able to find it anywhere in the support portal.

  • RE: Field Mask to limit the number of characters allowed

    Josef, you're right of course. 


  • RE: Field Mask to limit the number of characters allowed

    In case anyone is interested. This field mask will allow any character, 0 to 20 times. \s is white space and \S is non-white space.
  • Field Mask to limit the number of characters allowed

    Has anyone ever created a field mask that will allow any characters but limit the entry?

    A customer wants to allow only 20 characters in a text field. But it's a cloud system so there is no changing the DB itself.

    I thought I had the expression right for any letter, digit, hyphen or space but now '/' and commas are required. Is there a wild card in RegEx?

    Any clues appreciated,
  • Presentation VM

    Has anyone been able to successfully download the new v7.3 Presentation VM? I have tried many times with no results. Always stops after sometime, about 4 GB, with 'Network Error' as the message.

    Using Chrome browser from link in Partner Info email.
  • Import job password error

    A user placed a PDF file in a monitored folder for import and received an error about a password being required for the PDF file. Has anyone seen this before? She was eventually able to store the document so I'm wondering if this is a bogus message and an adjustment or fix needs to be made.

    I've attached a shot of the message.

    Any clues appreciated.

  • Permissions to Send Request

    When using the 'Send Request' feature and selecting a user(s), the entire list of Users and Roles is presented. Is there a way to limit this list?

    It is possible to select a user who does not have permission to act on the request in the File Cabinet.

    I have not be able to find any permission settings of a profile to restrain this activity.

    Any clues appreciated.
  • Stamp used in Sent Requests

    Does anyone know if there is a way to configure or change the properties of the stamp used in the 'Send Request' feature? It seems that you can have a stamp or not and that is all.

  • AutoIndex File Event trigger

    We know that we can trigger an AutoIndex job by placing or changing a CSV or delimited text file in a Windows folder, if that text file is used as a data source in the AI job.

    Would that same mechanism work for a database table if it was used as a data source in the job?

    For example, the data source for an AI job is an MS-SQL view. New entries are made in the underlying table so that the view gets updated. Will that change trigger the AutoIndex job?

  • Scheduling Heavy Fulltext Operations

    Can anyone say if KBA-35463 is still valid in version 7.1? Is it still necessary to schedult fulltext operations on large cabinets? Will turning off fulltext in file cabinet configuration force a reset of the fulltext tables?