• SMTP Log

    Is there a log file for the SMTP server used to send emails from DocuWare workflows or notifications?
  • RE: Token expired error


    No official resolution, but I was unable to duplicate the error.
  • RE: Concurrent workflow

    Thanks Jon.
  • RE: Concurrent workflow


    Thanks for that info. 

    I don't want to use the 'Wait' action. I was thinking that if during a workflow an index field was updated to a certain value, that that could trigger a completely different and unrelated workflow for the same document. One that could be completed on its own without affecting the original workflow. It sounds like during your testing you have determined that that is not possible. Is there a lock of some kind on a document when it is in a workflow that prevents this?

    For example; in WF1 a user does task 1. It just so happens that an index field is updated to a certain value, unrelated to WF1. WF1 carries on and another user is assigned to Task 2. 

    WF2 is set to trigger on the change to that index field and is for another purpose entirely. It could finish before or after WF1.

    Seems simple at first glance, but again, have you determined that it just won't work?

    Thanks again,
  • Concurrent workflow

    A user would like to assign a document to 2 or more users at the same time for different tasks so that a another task could be done without waiting for the completion of the task currently assigned. This does not appear to be possible within a workflow. This is not quite the same as a parallel task as the tasks are different.

    Understanding that it would be complicated to keep track of the values in various index fields of the document, would it be possible to trigger a second workflow for a document based of the update of an index value during a workflow, without gumming up the works too much, while the first workflow was not yet complete?
  • RE: Document locked in workflow

    I did hear from support and it did resolve the issue. See below...

    There's a few things that could be causing this behavior, but after reading your description, I think the first thing to check is that there isn't a file stuck in the temp/edit folder. It could be the case that a folder isn't deleting from within there, causing the document to remain locked.

    If the user is editing the document, perhaps there is still a lock being held onto from the machine they're on.
    You can check %temp%\Edit from their local computer, to see whether there is still a folder here. When documents are edited, an entry is created here which stores the temporary file, and this normally should be deleted once brought back into DocuWare.
    If this is still there, then this could be the reason for the lock being persistent despite the user closing and shutting down. You can safely delete anything within the temp and edit folder.

  • Enforcing single sign

    A system admin (DW Cloud v7.3) would like to enforce SSO for all his users. SSO is configured an working but the DocuWare Login option is still available in the drop down on the login page.

    There was a Login Link feature in the URL Creator previously that seems to be missing in the latest version.

    Anyone know of a way to do this?

    Any clues appreciated,
  • Document locked in workflow

    A user edits a document during a workflow task assigned to her. The document then returns to another user in another task. The second user is then unable to confirm the task and a 'document locked by another user' error message is thrown.

    In one particular case the document has remained locked for a week despite the editing user having signed out and powered off the PC.

    Is there a way to unlock a document when locked in this way?

    Is there a specific way to handle this kind of editing operation in a workflow?

    Is the lock option of the result list in File Cabinet configuration the only way to allow this kind of editing?

  • The page cannot be rendered error

    Has anyone seen a "The page cannot be rendered" error when opening a PDF in Firefox? Seems to be limited to one PC, and Firefox has been used before. PDF was downloaded and appears normal. Other users can see the document using Firefox.

    Maybe a simple setting that got whacked? v7.3 - cloud system.

  • Log file for background processes

    AutoIndex, Transfers and Synchronizations all have log files associated with them. If I have a number of these processes running frequently, do I need to worry about the log files filling up the disk, or are they self-maintaining?

    If I do have to clean them up, where are they stored?

    On premises system, v7.3.