• Quick Copy in context menu of Result List

    Users can us the Quick Copy function in the result list to replicate an entry in a file cabinet if the function is turned on in the file cabinet configuration. However only 2 of the available file cabinets are shown in the list of targets for the copy (as shown in the uploaded image). I want to be able to use this function on another file cabinet that does not appear in this list, even the result list of the intended cabinet.

    The function is enabled and permissions to the Store Dialog are available. Version is 7.3.

    Is there some configuration item that needs to be enabled to allow this function to work in any file cabinet? I can't find any mention of it in configuration or at help.docuware.com.


  • RE: Controlling which Index value is displayed at the top of the viewer pane

    Another image
  • RE: Controlling which Index value is displayed at the top of the viewer pane

    Last night I applied the latest minor update for v7.3 DW7.3_2022-02-01 (Build on premises.

    Documents stored before this update as well as documents stored recently both display the file name (bottom left of the viewer pane) at the top of the viewer pane. I would like to see the field designated as the Document Name in the Database Fields section of the File Cabinet configuration.

    Is this possible? As mentioned previously in this post, that was what we were used to in our previous version (6.12).

    Is there any way to control what is displayed in this area?

  • Intelligent Indexing Filter

    I have uploaded a text file of Vendor Names as a filter to an intelligent Indexing field according to the instructions. The Invoice image used has the vendor name 3D Diagnostix, Inc. The entry in the filter file has the entry 3D Diagnostix Inc. A subtle difference to be sure (no comma), but this is required due to the strict rules of the accounting application that the data will be imported to after processing.

    After repeated attempts using a new copy of the image each time, Intelligent Indexing always chooses the name used on the image. Should I expect DW to substitute the entry in the filter file, or am I misunderstanding the filter file's purpose.

    Any clues appreciated.
  • Desktop App update permissions

    A user trying to update the desktop apps using a 7.5 cloud system has been prompted for an admin user name and password. Is not this a thing of the past? I thought the desktop updates no longer required elevated permissions. See screen shot uploaded.

  • Connect to Outlook - Watched folder with subfolder

    Using an Outlook watched folder with 'Include subfolders' option, the documents are stored and indexed immediately if dropped into a folder from the Inbox one at a time. However, if a folder of emails is moved into the watched folder, the emails do not get stored until Outlook is closed and re-opened. 

    Can anyone say what the mechanism for storing these emails is? Is there a cyclical refresh or certain amount of time that must pass first? Is there a refresh option?

  • RE: AutoIndex - when does write back occurr

    Update FYI...

    I tested the configuration where the write back updates the field being filtered on. It does update the multiple entries in the original file cabinet properly as well as the field in the source file cabinet

    Thanks again,
  • RE: AutoIndex - when does write back occurr

    Simon, Thanks for your reply.

    Do you think I am correct to be concerned? There will be multiple entries in Cabinet A for each found in Cabinet B, that need to be updated. I want to make sure that I get them all. If the write back occurs after the first match is found, will that filter out the source entry from making further matches?
  • AutoIndex - when does write back occurr

    An AutoIndex job is configured to update a field in a File Cabinet (Cabinet A) based on a match in the source, also a file cabinet (Cabinet B). The source is the shorter list so it is the first read. Both file cabinets have numerous records and the job takes a long time to complete.

    To shorten the time the configuration is filtering the source, Cabinet B, on a field value. There are multiple matches in Cabinet A for each record in Cabinet B. The write back updates the same field in Cabinet B that is used for the filter to prepare for the next run.

    Can I assume that the write back will occur after all of the matches in Cabinet A are found and updated? If the write back occurs after the first match is found, would that filter out the record in the source Cabinet so that the remaining matches would be skipped?

  • MSMQ reset

    A busy production system with many AutoIndex jobs running during the day and evening and over 100 users - v7.3 - on premises.

    Trying to display the results of any AutoIndex job produces an error "The settings you are searching for could not be found", and "An error has occurred". The main page reports that there are no AI jobs configured and instructs me to configure them in the DocuWare Administration. Again, this is version 7.3.

    Tech support advises to clear the Message Queue. To run the Message Queue Administration I must stop all servers and IIS. This means I can only do this work after 10:00 pm, as the system is so busy. This does seem to alleviate the problem, but only until the next day when I try again.

    Can anyone say what causes the MSMQ to need to be reset? Is it simply the number of users and processes is so high? Is there another way to streamline the system to prevent this?

    Any clues appreciated.

    Many thanks,