• AutoIndex Triggers

    If an AutoIndex job is configured to trigger on new documents, does the job index only the document that was just stored, or does it behave as a scheduled job would and index any documents that have already been stored and meet the criteria of the trigger?
  • RE: Windows 7 and DW 7.3 cloud upgrade

    Thank you Christopher for that info.

    Can I assume that a Windows 7 machine running IE11 will still be able to use the browser client as before, including responding to a Workflow Task link?

  • Windows 7 and DW 7.3 cloud upgrade

    I have had some anxious users ask about using their Windows 7 machines after their cloud system gets upgraded to 7.3 and receiving this notification:

    System Requirements DocuWare Version 7.3

    Compared to DocuWare Version 7.2, the system requirements have changed as follows:

    • Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 are no longer supported as operating systems

    Best regards
    Your DocuWare Cloud Team

    Is this in reference to client machines as well? I had always assumed this was in reference to installing as a server. Can we not install 7.3 Desktop Apps on Windows 7? Is it not still possible to use a browser on a Win 7 machine to login as a client to a 7.3 cloud system?

  • Token expired error

    When trying to use the admin tool on a 7.3 system I get a "Login token expired, contact your administrator' error using the desktop apps connect. If I change to DocuWare authentication and try to login I get a"Organization with that name not found" error.

    Any one seen this before? Any clues appreciated...
  • Limits of Table Field

    What is the maximum number of rows that can be entered into a table field?

    Additionally, is there a way to import data into a table field?
    I.e., in an invoice processing situation, a user is supplied with a CSV file of 60 to 80 GL number and amount entries for one invoice. I would like to avoid manually entering all of those if possible.

  • Desktop Apps prerequisites

    After upgrading from 6.12 to 7.3 and trying to update Desktop Apps, I received an error message stating that a prerequisite was missing.

    I had assumed that the installer would add any prerequisites needed. There was no mention of what was missing, just 'Contact your administrator'.

    How can I find out what needs to be installed?

  • RE: AutoIndex jobs - move file to backup directory

    Was a bug? Is there a HotFix or Minor Update to correct it?


  • AutoIndex jobs - move file to backup directory

    After upgrading to v7.3 it seems that AutoIndex jobs using a text file do not move do not move the file to the AIX Backup directory as configured previously.

    Has anyone experienced this behavior or know if this is a bug in 7.3?
  • Controlling which Index value is displayed at the top of the viewer pane

    After upgrading to v7.3 a user has noticed/complained, that the value displayed at the top of the viewer pane is no longer correct. It was the field marked as the document name in the database fields of the file cabinet configuration. It now seems to be the document name from the document tray.

    Is there a way to control this displayed value?

    See image...
  • 7.0 installer

    I will be upgrading a system from 6.12 to 7.3 and need to go to 7.0 first. I have the 7.3 installer zip. Where can I find the installer for version 7.0?