• RE: UTC instead of local

    Upon further investigation it appears that the correct local time is used when the stamp is first applied. However when the document is reviewed later, 5 hours has been added to the previously stamped time. As the user is in EST that makes the new time UTC.
  • UTC instead of local

    An end user of a cloud system reports that stamps are using UTC instead of the local time when applied to a document. Also, email notifications seem to be running late and based on UTC instead of local time.

    Is there a setting that needs adjusted?

  • RE: Relative dates in AutoIndex


    Looking closer I believe you are correct. The date filter options are expanded if you use a file event or scheduled AutoIndex. They are restricted to specific dates when use a file cabinet event configuration.

    Many thanks,
  • Relative dates in AutoIndex

    Back in the days when AutoIndex was configured using the Admin tool it was possible to filter records using relative dates, 'Within the last x days', 'Before the last x months' etc.

    Now the choices all seem to be based on a specific date, Is before, is after, and so forth.

    Is there anyway to configure a relative date? I'm looking specifically for 'within the current year' so that I do not have to remember to change the configuration every Jan 1st.

  • Email notifications - Every 1 Day

    It appears that email notifications set for 'Every 1 Day' , in cloud systems, do not work as designed, in fact at all. I had this reported from a customer and my testing seems to bear it out. Hourly or Immediate notifications work fine.

    Has anyone else run across this issue?
  • RE: Log files and utilities

  • Log files and utilities

    For general knowledge about system management, is there a document that describes the locations of all the pertinent log files in an on premises system as well as the utilities that might be used with them (Log Collector, Log Viewer, or others that might be helpful)?

  • Desktop Apps updates

    There seems to have been a spate of Desktop Apps updates recently. This has prompted comments from a cloud customer in a large organization with a security policy that dis-allows end users from installing software on local PCs. Someone from IT has to log in to each machine to allow the update to run.

    I know that we have the ability for a 'silent' install of these upgrades. But what would be the recommended approach? Not all users have all of the apps installed and we only need to upgrade those apps that are included in the most recent release.

    Does DocuWare publish a notification of Desktop Apps upgrades for admins, other than the 'pop-up' notification that the end user sees? Could this include the string required for the silent install specific to this upgrade?

    Or is there a general approach that would suffice?

  • Smart Search Button

    The button configured in a Smart Connect Smart Search floats around on the applications page when viewed. An anchor is being used. The application is browser based.

    Any clues appreciated,
  • Import Jobs Overrides Scenarios

    RE: KBA - 36339. I think I understand the 3 import job overrides scenarios, but to be sure, which would be appropriate in this case?

    The import job uses a configuration that splits a large document into many small ones. I.e., 100 page document is read and split into 25, 4 page documents. Several large documents are placed in the folder of various sizes (109 pages, 106 pages, etc.) and each is split into several/many.

    Is this a few large documents or many small ones? Do the settings affect the splitting process or just the uploading?

    Many thanks,