• RE: Any way to include keyword field or table field in CSV Export?

    I could not find the Data Export Tool on the current price list. Assuming it will be on the new one, when will that be published?

    Is there a document that gives detail about this tool and how it works?

  • Text Recognition in v7.1

    Are the instructions for using a modifies Text Recognition template still valid in v7.1 (they are listed for version 6)? I have documents where DocuWare mistakes I for 1 and S for 5 and wondering how I might tweak that.

    Any clues appreciated,
  • Checked out document

    What happens if a document is checked out but the user who checked it out is no longer available? Can the system or organization administrator check that document back in?

    Clues for the clueless appreciated,
  • RE: SQL connection for select list

    I have tried a SELECT DISTINCT... SQL statement in hopes of reducing the number of records in the result set. Unfortunately I am still getting TimeOut errors. So the next question is can I increase the TimeOut value? I suspect this connection only needs to be made once during configuration. In use I expect the select list will perform better as the query gets more specific after entry in one field. 


  • RE: Any way to include keyword field or table field in CSV Export?


    What about the Table field type? Any feel for when we will be able to access, search, display tables other than in workflow?

  • RE: SQL connection for select list

    What is the syntax required if we use the SQL Statement option for the select list? Is it only the WHERE clause or a complete query? In which case I am wondering if we could use SELECT TOP 10 as part of the query as the results are not returned until the first field is entered.

    Many thanks, 
  • Scan History

    In the scan app (v7.1) we can look at the history of documents scanned, when and if the operation was successful. Is there a table where this history is kept that could be reported on or is it a file on the local PC?

  • SQL connection for select list

    I’m getting time out errors and very slow response using
    an SQL connection for a multi-column select list,
     to the large number of records in the view.

    what is the best fastest way to access a large table?
    Sql statements are enabled.

  • RE: Moving a system

    Thank you for that info Josef. But, my situation is a little different. The old machine suffered a hard drive crash, so the DW system cannot run. All I have of the old machine is a backup of the database.

    I installed only the front end services on the new machine which includes the auth server. I was planning on restoring the old database then running the installer for the back end and hoping that the new installer would have the same replace options as the version 6 one did. Not sure if it will work but I may give it a try.

    Thanks again,

  • Index Cleaner and standard select list

    A customer has used the Index Cleaner to combine similar names into one preferred name (V6.10). The cleanup of the actual index values was successful but it appears that the standard select list was not updated (different table?).

    Is there a way to force the update of the select list?