Veröffentlicht Tue, 09 Oct 2018 14:18:34 GMT von Christopher Terry Solutions Integrator

I have a Fortis customer wanting to go to DocuWare.  They have bandwidth issues between one of their locations and want to know what is the minimum bandwidth required for DocuWare to run smoothly, i.e. no timeout issues, importing to Trays, indexing/saving documents into Cabinets, etc.

I understand this is vague, but the customer will only say they use the AT&T cloud and wants manufacturer's recommendations/minimum specifications on this topic.  They got burned by Fortis.  Anybody with experience on this issue who could provide information or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Veröffentlicht Tue, 09 Oct 2018 17:45:26 GMT von Craig Williams President/ CEO

It is always difficult to deal with a location that has limited bandwidth, sometimes limited bandwith may also be SHARED and not dedicated...Users expect that everything in the world is instant and available and we all know it is not. IT IS WORSE not knowing how mant other things share the same (VOIP, reporting systems, security cameras etc.) to say Docuware will work with 1 meg of bandwidth or 1 gig would be impossible for anyone to determine. BUT here is the fun part. You can test it....get a cloud demo site up and running and test it.   iam assuming that there is a MAIN location and a remote location...SO....If you are technically savvy you can take the virtual DocuWare provides for demo and testing and RUN it at the main location and sniff the lines while you are running them to see what they would use. 

I have one client with a pair of T1 lines and if they store a really big file with 250 or morepages or a large number of color images it tends to time out and have issuses but single page, black and white, scan, tray, index, store it is SLOW but works.....

In order to have a better idea one would need to know:

Dedicated or shared bandwidth?
What else is on the bandwidth?
What kind of images (200 DPI B/W or 300 DPI Color makes a difference)?
How many pages are the documents?
How many Documents?
How often?
What kind of responce do they require? Do the need that Document in RIGHT NOW or End of the day be OK?
Does this trigger a workflow?
Which moduals do you have specified for the install?

We support a very remote office for a large Police Orgnaization with the same kinds of issues and we solved it like this:
They needed to store about 1,000 documents pages a day.
A few of those documents were 100 pages long.
We tested scanning and storing directly to tray but it only worked wth there was little other traffic on the network. 
It took an average of 10 mintues to login because of AD/group policy and speed of the network.
We installed Kodak Alaris Capture Pro, built a batch job the scanned into all day and processed at the end of the day to a shared drive on the network. 
A scheduled process moved the files to the local server 
Docuware Import brings the documents into the system.  
Installed about 6 to 8 years ago, no issues other than operator mistakes.

We took timing and software out of the equation and that made the network issues unimportant. In a nighttime process we did not care if it takes 5 minutes or 5 hours as long as it is done before the next day.

So in short, do not focus on the client expectation until you know the problem, then you might be able to reset their expectation properly.  As for retreiving documents using DocuWare UNLESS you are Downloading them locally, viewing should be no problem with very little bandwidth.  T1 will be slow but retrieval requires very little back and forth to function.


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