Veröffentlicht Wed, 20 Jun 2018 19:48:52 GMT von David Moore Co-Contract Administrator

I have a prospect we are working with that wants to use docuware as the front end to display documents created in their electronic medical records application via smart connect buttons.

Here is the problem: I need to import the new .docx files that land in the storage directory of their EMR. Docuware import can monitor the directories but it moves the files. I still need the original files to remain for the EMR system. Is there an application out there that will monitor the EMR systems image directory based on file age rules and copy newly created files to a folder that import will monitor.  The EMR is NEXTGEN.

Veröffentlicht Thu, 21 Jun 2018 14:15:13 GMT von David Moore Co-Contract Administrator

Microsoft SyncToy looks like it will work. Anyone have experiences with this application?

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