• updating 6.9 V2 to 7.1 then moving to new server.

    I had a few concerns to ask about.

    1. Will the intelligent indexing data of learned invoices remain intact? Will Fulltext data remain as well.
    2. Tech support said I would be OK upgrading from 6.9 directly to 7.1? Just verifying.
    3. the storage location is located on the existing server. Is it ok to leave it there and map drives on the new server and point docuware system to it? Will there be any issues with this practice during a server move?

    I have been referencing Phil's instructions moving a system 7 dated October 2018.
  • Dealer Track Integration

    anyone integrated with a product called Dealer Track. It is an accounting erp that a prospect of mine wishes to integrate with.
  • @Joe

    Thanks for the information. I will pass this along to my customer.

  • Forced Log Off

    I dont want someone sitting on a concurrent license if they are not active.

  • forced log off due to inactivity (on-premise 6.12)

    If for example we have users that log in to docuware and minimize the web client to work elsewhere and forget to log off. Is it possible to force a log off due to inactivity or limit the time a user is logged on?

  • Solution

    Microsoft SyncToy looks like it will work. Anyone have experiences with this application?

  • Import of files from NEXTGEN ERP

    I have a prospect we are working with that wants to use docuware as the front end to display documents created in their electronic medical records application via smart connect buttons.

    Here is the problem: I need to import the new .docx files that land in the storage directory of their EMR. Docuware import can monitor the directories but it moves the files. I still need the original files to remain for the EMR system. Is there an application out there that will monitor the EMR systems image directory based on file age rules and copy newly created files to a folder that import will monitor.  The EMR is NEXTGEN.

  • contact info


  • try this?

    If you export the file cabinet to a duplicate you have created all of the good records will MOVE to the new cabinet. The records with broken header links will remain as long as you select the delete source documents check box. If you leave the checkbox empty the good docs will COPY to the new cabinet. It will give you an Idea of the number of broken records and wont change your source cabinet. I would duplicate your related storage locations and backup the database beforehand just to be safe.

  • Re-uniting Data and Images

    We recently aquired a docuware customer. They informed that there were documents that would not be displayed in in the viewer. Basically getting a header not found message. Phil and the Solutions Factory tried everything to recover the broken records with out success. But they did help come up with a solution to re-unite the disconnected images to the database in a manual process. Unfortunatly one cabinet has over 3500 broken records (most Handwritten) and it would be impractical to manually recover all of them. I have segregated the good records and the bad ones into separate file cabinets. Te best approach would be to recover the records only if they are requested. Here is what I need....

    I have a log of all documents that failed to export. every document has a DOC ID that matches a file name string in the storage location files. When I attempt to display a document the error message does not display the Doc ID number (I think the doc id number was displayed in the error using the old thick client). If I had the doc ID number I could easily find the images related to it in the store location doing a windows file search. All of the images are there they just dont have a connection to the database.

    Is there a query we could run that would produce a result list of one index field of the document along with its DOC ID? This reference would make things alot easier to lacate items on the fly. Or If I could extract the doc ID and fill an index field so it appears in a result list??

    Please feel free to contact me. It might be easier to discuss this in person.

    DW 6.12 on MySQL