• System Admin Password Reset

    Had a customer recently change the system admin password. We spent days chasing the consequences of this action. This admin user also owned all file cabinets, workflows and configurations. Is there any documentation that describes the configuration dependencies of the system admin?
  • Fulltext enabling on current file cabinet (premise 7.2) enterprise load sharing configuration.

    We need to enable fulltext support on an existing file cabinet. Current record count is 1.5 million single page documents (invoices). If we enable the option is it going to have an adverse effect on the performance of the system?  Any guess on how long it could take to index the cabinet? I wanted to check with the experts beforehand to play it safe.
  • User License Usage Audit

    We have aquired a customer with an on-premise system (7.2) We are currently proposing moving them to the cloud. Currently they report that about 2000 users are accessing the system sharing 128 concurrent licenses. My question: is there a way to determine how many users have logged on in a given time period? I would also need the names of the users and how often they occupied a license. I need this information so we can get an accurate account of who would need named licenses and to determine read only participants so we can provide an accurate quote. I was asked this question this morning 7/21 and need to get an answer pretty quickly. We are meeting with the client on Monday.
  • Docuware Virtual Machines

    is Docuware still making virtual machine instances of applications for demonstrations. If yes, would it be ok to distribute to a customer to use for testing? Or can we create 30 day cloud demo accounts for them to use for testing. Thanks.
  • RE: Total number of Pages displayed in result list

    Jon, Do you have anymore ideas or could you possibly remote into my system and see if we can get this to work? Thanks.<br> &nbsp;
  • RE: Total number of Pages displayed in result list

    still cant get this working. I'm able to verify the doc ID is going to the GV I created at the beginning of the worklow. See screenshots&nbsp;<a href="https://sumnerone-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/p/dmoore/EuCqf6M7MtZBvR1XmxsbcEoB9J3p6rHOMXeO7vFV2-r79w?e=WGmbPf">LINK</a>
  • RE: Total number of Pages displayed in result list

    I'm not getting the DWTOTALPAGES written to the global variable. I placed an email in the workflow after the assign data activity to display the data of the global variable token. Not getting any data. I tested with system data and that data gets written to the global variable.<br> <br> I'm going to need to add the page count data to all documents in the cabinet.<br> <br> config <a href="https://sumnerone-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/p/dmoore/EuCqf6M7MtZBvR1XmxsbcEoBy6_-XtoP4Kce2l8F2knvzw?e=0bVvXq">screenshots</a><br> <br> https://sumnerone-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/p/dmoore/EuCqf6M7MtZBvR1XmxsbcEoBy6_-XtoP4Kce2l8F2knvzw?e=0bVvXq<br> &nbsp;
  • RE: Total number of Pages displayed in result list

    That is what I was looking for. I will try it and see if it works out. Thanks for responding to this thread so promptly. It helps us build better systems.
  • RE: Total number of Pages displayed in result list

    Yes it is our internal partner company On-Prem System. Thanks
  • Total number of Pages displayed in result list

    I would like to display the total number of pages of a document in a result list.
    here is my objective.
    1. create page count index field in desired file cabinet for page count data destination.
    2 configure workflow to extract page count number from the database and write to global variable.
    3 add GV data to page count index field.

    Is #2 possible, is there a query string needed to execute the data anyone done this before?
    Could this operation be configured in autoindex?

    There were a couple of threads on this topic from years ago but not much information.