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I'm trying to setup a field mask in version 6.10 and I cannot find where to configure it in DocuWare Administration.  I know what I have to put in but I can't find where to put it in.

Also, my field was created as a numeric int field.  Can it be converted to a text field if necessary?  If not how do I move the data from one field to another?



Veröffentlicht Tue, 12 Feb 2019 14:35:05 GMT von Phil Robson DocuWare Corporation Senior Director Professional Services, Americas

In 6.10, Field masks are defined in File Cabinet Administration.
Expand the File Cabinet. Expand Dialogs. Expand the required dialog. Select the field and expand it. The File Mask option is in the field option list.

A database field cannot be converted from one type to another. If you wish to change the field type then you must create a new field. The data from the INT field will then need to be copied to the new Text field at database level.



Phil Robson
Senior Director Support Americas

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