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I know that templates for recurring documents can be created for auto-indexing, and that the auto-indexing feauture can be used on documents sent to DocuWare using the DocuWare Printer, but we can only get templated auto-indexed documents to go to a single tray when using the DocuWare Printer. Is there a way to use the saved template for auto-indexing AND use the DocuWare Printer, but send the document to a Tray at the individual user level?

Ex: There are 12 users with an individual tray called "Inbox." Users should not be able see documents in another users tray. All 12 users are storing Quotes that follow the same recurring format. We have an auto-indexing template saved for Quotes. We want each user to be able to print their Quotes using DocuWare Print and have only their quotes show up in their individual tray called Inbox. Is this possible?

Our partner is telling us that we can't print a document to the DocuWare Printer, have the document be Auto-Indexed using a saved template, and be sent to individual user Trays. We are told that the template saved for "Quotes," is, and can only be linked to one tray; which would have to be communal tray where all inside sales people store there quotes. We want to avoid using a communal Tray so that it is easy for users to isolate the documents that they printed and want to store.

Any advice or insight is greatly appreciated!

Veröffentlicht Wed, 12 Dec 2018 12:42:25 GMT von Phil Robson DocuWare Corporation Senior Director Professional Services, Americas

In the printer configuration dialog, if you select the tray displayed as [Inbox] then the print job should go to each users default tray. If you select a tray displayed as Inbox or Brittney Inbox then all print jobs that meet the configuration criteria will go to that inbox regardless of who prints it.


Phil Robson
Senior Director Support Americas

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