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I will start by saying I am not a programming but technical enough to be dangerous.  I am trying to figure out how to set a routine that loops and fulfills a condition based on a date being set.  The scenario is as follows. 

  1. Customer order is received
  2. Order begins processing
  3. Vendor PO is created
  4. Estimated ship date is put into a variable

Its at this point i would like to have a loop where the task is assigned to check shipping status of order but the user is not prompted until the Global Variable GV_EstShipDate = Today.  I have set a Conditional Task that checks for this but my question is if the date does not equal the Estimated Ship date, how do I send it back to check the next day.  So is there a way to execute a task or fulfill a condition using a time function that delays or checks at intervals?



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Hi raymond,

you can send the task after check != today to a task wich escalation time is 1 day, set it to reassign at escalation and send it to your condition check.

that is the easiest loop you can have in docuware workflow



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