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  1. HI Folks,

I have a customer that I have setup 20 HR output documents from one Input Form.  W4, I9 and so forth.  They asked me to to list the documents on the form and want a hyperlink to the raw document.  They do not have a Website to host the raw documents, so I put them in a cabinet and used the URL creator to build a URL for the link.  This does not work because the form is a public form and since the documents are in a cabinet, they must be called out with an authentication.  If you call out the first document/link for the main public form then another person on another device tries to click another document it asks for a login and password (Authentication) because the Authenticated user for the public form has already taken a license and until the license times out, you can't get another link.   

Can anyone think of a way to house the Raw documents?  Like is it possible to house it in the FTP and have that present as a link?  I just don't know what the path to the FTP docs are in the cloud and if that is public or anonymous. 
Veröffentlicht Wed, 18 Dec 2019 18:26:15 GMT von Michael Weingand Professional Services Manager
I figured it out.  The FTP site was just the ticket.  Easy to get the path and it works exactly as the customer expects.

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