• All notifications deleted at the same time?

    Hi Folks,

    Has anyone had all of their notifications deleted but no one deleted them?  I looked on my audit trail and found every one of my 30+ notifications were deleted at the exact same time.  As you may know there is no way to select all notifications and hit the trashcan.  You must delete each one, one at a time. 

    This is an On-Prem 7.0 account.  Support could not tell me how this happened and I only found out that it happened at the exact same time using the Audit Reports in configuration.

    Just concerned that one of my users did something that caused this, as myself and my director are the only persons who have Admin privilages.
  • DOD 5015.2-STD certification??

    Does anyone know if DocuWare is  DOD 5015.2-STD certified?  Can't find any documentation on it and my Prospect is asking specifically for this.
  • RE: Date in Workflow variable not correct.

    Cancel this POST.  The test in workflow manager was not giving the proper date but when I tested against a real file, it works fine.
  • Date in Workflow variable not correct.

    Workflow variable as either TEXT or Date Format returns date like this.  1/2/0001
    Date comes from indexed Date field as 8/1/2019

    Is there anything special I need to do to have the date extracted to the variable properly?
  • RE: Forms adding Signature automatically.

    Thanks Josef,
    Would you be willing to share your API with me?
  • Forms adding Signature automatically.

    HI Folks,
    Has anyone figured out a way to assign a signature to a form automatically?  My customer just want's the manger to hit submit on the form and there signature drops on the signature field/line.  I don't even know where the signature would be stored and how.  In an image file and then stamped?????
    Just fishing to see if anyone has any tricks up their sleeves.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  • RE: Update a form field after submitted.

    I checked setting first and it is set to fillable in the merge form and when I downloaded the document, it is fillable in all of the fields.  Unless you have any other ideas, I guess this might be a support call.
  • RE: Update a form field after submitted.

    My trigger is set to Only if document is created by a merge form and the name of the Merge form is the only one I have for this. But when I go to assign data and select the fill area of the document for destination type, the field/variable is empty.
  • Select list External txt accesability

    I have an External Select list, Multi Column from a txt file.  Works great but it is locked out of the end users being able to update the txt file when they want to add new Categories.  Anyone know of a way to allow the end user to update txt.  Is there a control to set the Select list to not lock the files for editing? 
  • Update a form field after submitted.

    HI Folks,
    I have a few cloud clients who are running into the same issue and I am not sure how to start.  Maybe just a little pointer if someone knows. 
    HR forms filled out and submitted with the wrong SSN.  I need a way to update the submitted forms with the corrected SSN.