• Workflow to export data to csv

    Does anyone know if a workflow can be used to export data to a csv file.  Customer has sage and wants DocuWare Cloud to Run a Workflow to do this.
  • MySQL for the internal Database V2 not able to schedule Backup

    DW 7.0 with Internal Database V2.  Using MySQL Administrator the backup won't kickoff.  There is no services for MySQL like there was with our old system without Database V2.  Am I missing something to get the backup to run on the schedule I setup?
  • Printing not working from Internet Explorer

    I just migrated DocuWare from Server 2008r2 to a Windows 2016 server.  Users that login through IE can not print.  When the select a docuement then select print, a new tab comes up withe url for the document but the document does not come up.  It's just a grey screen.  When the same person tries it with Chrome or Firefox, it works.

    Anyone figure out what needs to be done to fix this.  Im thinking it's a setting on the clients IE but I have not found anything.  It worked fine before the migration.  Same url, same IE,and again it works int eh other two browser.  Unfortunately we are not using those corporately.
  • Where to find DocuWare Server Migration documentation

    Does anyone have formal migration documentation.  I have a 7.0 system that's server is crashing and I am trying to migrate.  Because the original system is on 7.0, and the new will be on the same version and we are on the internal database, I see the old is on version 1 and the new is on version 2, so simply copying all databases to the new does not work.  Do I just restore that database into the new one then change all connections.  The servers will be named the same and using the same IP once it goes live.
  • Temp\Platform\Chunks Folder is filling HD.

    DocuWare 7.1 on Windows 2016 Server.
    My client has over 109Gbs in the C:\ProgramData\DocuWare\Temp\Platform\Chunks folder.  Why are these here and is there anything on DocuWare that needs to be setup in a config file to purge these on a regular basis.  They are all {.part} files.
  • All notifications deleted at the same time?

    Hi Folks,

    Has anyone had all of their notifications deleted but no one deleted them?  I looked on my audit trail and found every one of my 30+ notifications were deleted at the exact same time.  As you may know there is no way to select all notifications and hit the trashcan.  You must delete each one, one at a time. 

    This is an On-Prem 7.0 account.  Support could not tell me how this happened and I only found out that it happened at the exact same time using the Audit Reports in configuration.

    Just concerned that one of my users did something that caused this, as myself and my director are the only persons who have Admin privilages.
  • DOD 5015.2-STD certification??

    Does anyone know if DocuWare is  DOD 5015.2-STD certified?  Can't find any documentation on it and my Prospect is asking specifically for this.
  • RE: Date in Workflow variable not correct.

    Cancel this POST.  The test in workflow manager was not giving the proper date but when I tested against a real file, it works fine.
  • Date in Workflow variable not correct.

    Workflow variable as either TEXT or Date Format returns date like this.  1/2/0001
    Date comes from indexed Date field as 8/1/2019

    Is there anything special I need to do to have the date extracted to the variable properly?
  • RE: Forms adding Signature automatically.

    Thanks Josef,
    Would you be willing to share your API with me?