• Link to AD to pull other fields

    HI Folks,
    I have a customer that want's to know if we can pull data from AD either than account name.  They specifically want to pull the managers name, so they can build a workflow that pulls the specific Manager for a specific Account.
  • Signature access in Webhooks

    Does anyone know of a way to get the signature as an image from a document using Webhooks? I have a customer who needs to extract the signature from certain documents to store in SalesForce.
  • Stop Workflow on multiple documents

    I have a workflow that has generated a general error on over 200 documents.  How can I stop the workflow tasks on all of the documents so I can re-run the Workflow with the changes I made?  IN short, I don't want to have to click each document in the Task and select Stopw WorkFlow then Confirm on each one.
  • String as date in Workflow

    I have a customer who's dates are in the format seen below, and I need to convert them to a standard US date format in my workflow.
    02212022 should be 02/21/2022.
    I am using Arithmetic Expressions to grab and parse this date from the file name.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • Google Docs

    Customer is on all MACS and uses Google Docs (.gdoc) and Google Sheets (.gsheet).  How can I get these in DocuWare?  When I try to drag and drop, I get the error : The DocuWare Server could not be reached. Please check the availability of the network and the server. 
  • RE: Field Extraction from File Name

    I get the error below when using this.  Split([GV_File_Name],' ',CompareMethod);

    I got the first part to work where I now have the GV_File_Name to propagate with just the substring. GV_File_Name=Michael Weingand 5401

    Now I need to get the value before the first {space} to propagate the field First Name, then after the second {space} the field for Last Name and so forth.  Suggestions please?
  • Field Extraction from File Name

    HI Folks,
    My archive files are being delivered with the first name, last name and DOB and I need to be able to extract each piece to index.  Does anyone know how to do this?
    File Name = 012345875142_526_Weingand Michael 11071966.

    I need to take the first variable after the last underscore and make that the Last Name, then after the the first Space, make it the First Name and then after the last space make this the DOB.  

    Last Name = Weingand
    First Name =Michael
    DOB = 11071966

    Please let me know if you can help me!!
    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Selct List in Alpha order

    Created Database for Document Type and Document Type groups.  Used csv to create records. Attached to select list. Document types are "Article-1" through "Article-35".  They show up in numeric order like Articel-1 Article-10 Artical-11 and so forth.  Anyone no of a way to have them show as "Article-1 Article-2 Article-3" and on.
  • Transform Index Values to Proper Case from Upper Case

    Hi Folks,

    Do any of you know of a quick way (possibly through workflow) to change Index Values that are in all Upper Case to Proper?? (First letter of each Word is Cap)
  • Import Process Not getting all Docs

    I am importing thousands of documents for a client of mine by dragging them into a folder. I am doing this 200 at a time.  A few files failed to come over but I can not find a report on which files failed so I do not know which ones to find and import.  I have had to Bring up DocuWare and the windows Folder side by side then compare.  You can imagine how tedious and time consuming this will be for 4211 files in just this one folder and I have a total of 65,000 docs.  Is there a report that will tell me failed files on import that I can check each time I drag and drop a batch of files??

    Does anyone have a better idea of how to Import 4211 documents in one chunk instead of 100 or so at a time to make sure we get all documents Imported.